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Fake your own death? The worst lie you’ve told to break-up with someone.

When she saw the foreign phone number flash up on her mobile, Alex Lanchester’s heart skipped a beat. It had been several days since she’d spoken to her American fiancé Tucker Blandford, and she couldn’t wait to tell him how she’d found the wedding gown of her dreams. She’d been longing to discuss the arrangements she’d made for their big day – the invitations she’d bought, the photographer she’d booked, the bridesmaids’ dresses she’d chosen. And she wanted to tell him how she was counting the days until they were together again. So her blood ran cold when the voice at the other end of the phone cracked with emotion and she heard the words: “Alex, this is Tucker’s dad. There’s no easy way … [Read More...]


Why are y’all mad at the ALS Ice Bucket challenge?

So for the past few weeks social media has been filled with videos from celebrities and just regular folks doing the Ice Bucket challenge to bring awareness and to donate to ALS. In case some of … [Read More...]


What do black people want President Obama to say exactly…

On monday President Obama gave a speech to highlight his concerns regarding two issues tearing at the American public lately. Iraq and the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri. I spelled out Missouri only … [Read More...]


What’s in your headphones this week?

Y'all know this means we can't think of anything to post What y'all listening to this week? I'm actually just enjoying some internet radio this week. … [Read More...]


This is how a real man let’s his woman know the deal.

As a married man, let me tell you that sometimes, just sometimes, wives are just on some ol BULLSHIT!! BULL.SHIT!! And after taking just so gatdamn much, you just need to point your finger dead in her … [Read More...]


And for the first time in my life, I hated white people….

From guest writer: Zuly On Friday, for the first time in my life, I experienced how it was possible for Black people to truly despise White people and all that they stand for. The conversation … [Read More...]

People Watching Movie in Movie Theater

SSC: summer blockbuster movie edumacation

I’ve learned that no matter how desperate the situation there is always time for a romantic spark to exist. Even if every gut intuition screams that this stolen moment is impossible, there it i … [Read More...]


Sneaking in the movies: Expendables 3

We are fam-muh-lee… Wesley, Stallone, Arnold, Harrison, Lundgren, Randy, Kelsey, Terry, Jet Li, Jason, Rhonda, Glen P, Ortiz, Kellan, Mel G, and me! What’s good Ohnawlins, it’s your complicatedly c … [Read More...]


Look, stop asking me about Michael Brown.

Yesterday I had a good friend message me via Facebook and ask me a simple question: Why aren't you commenting more about Ferguson and Michael Brown? I had to sit back and blink a few moments before … [Read More...]


…and this is why some women are terrified to stand up for themselves.

A man who police say tried to defend a group of women from catcallers landed in the hospital after he was brutally assaulted in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square early Saturday morning. Police say … [Read More...]


Love your lines….

apparently there is a campaign on instagram for women to share photos of their lines (stretch marks). I'm going to assume to empower them? I don't know, I'm not going to go around showcasing … [Read More...]


New product to aid in the fight against Moobs

Here's a truly titillating type of lingerie: a brassiere for men. Kaku Nishioka, owner of a Tokyo clothing store, has just started selling a guys-only garment known in Japanese as the Kahei Oyasumi … [Read More...]


If my wife was white pt 2. Slaus’s observation and opinion.

  If you have not yet read part 1 of this story, please do so before reading this one if you want a full version of events. Thanks to all of you who chimed in,  felt validated, felt annoyed … [Read More...]


How you’d treat me If my wife was white…

After work I decided to kick back on the couch the other night, pour a drink (mayhaps two..maybe three, bytch don't judge me) and I jumped on facebook to have a conversation with some of my fellaz via … [Read More...]


SSC: what you need to know about ebola okay did you get it? have you got it? you know why you need to know about this and the urgency to finding a cure? ...because "white folks!" yup, Folk said it! … [Read More...]


Sneaking in the movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

What’s good Nawlians. It’s your backseat screener Blaketh Phenometh with another review and this is going to be short, like the attention span you’ll need to enjoy this movie. This week, nostalgia … [Read More...]


*sigh* Church cancels funeral because the deceased was gay

WFLA News Channel 8 Julie Atwood was standing at her son's casket when the phone rang. The church where her son's funeral was scheduled to be held the next day decided to abruptly cancel the … [Read More...]

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