Nekkid asian dude and his lil penis get socked in the face.

It’s one thing to get punched in the face. It’s another thing to get punched in the face on camera. It’s even another thing to get punched in the face on camera at the exact moment your ass is getting punched in the face.

…and it’s some whole other shyt to get punched in the face on camera at the exact moment your getting punched in the face… while your dick is out.

….. and it’s some WHOLE WHOLE other shyt to get punched in the face on camera at the exact moment your getting punched in the face… while your dick is out.

… and your dick is reallly realllly small.

During Kaskade’s set on Saturday a diesel Asian made his way through the crowd trying to grind on whatever he could…naked. Every guy that told him to get the fuck away and put some clothes on he tried to fight. Obviously this dude was rollin balls or tripping on acid. After a few minutes half the security force had him surrounded him but he wasnt goin down without a fight. He hit a couple of the guards and they eventually tackled him but not before this dude got this haymaker in. [source]

NSFW images below.

In case you didn’t know? A surefire way to get that azz punched in the face is to grind your lil nekkid ass all over someone who doesn’t want unsolicited dick in their personal space.

Maaaan if there is ever a time when Me, Dude, Bully, Folk, Dwane T and Lo are trying to have a conversation somewhere, only to then be interrupted by someone grinding all types of dick on us…. there is going to be blood and bad decisions. Blood and bad decisions, yall.

It’s all fun and games until a dick is involved.

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  • Lo-Keiacus

    Morning Fam –

    Ummmm yeah…."Blood and bad decisions" AT LEAST! Might even be police chases and "Braking News" reporting too!

    • HappyStina

      Morning Lo Baby!!!!

      • Lo-Keiacus

        Stina Baby!!!!!! Morning!

    • Lo-Keiacus


      ::no coffee yet::

      • Leo_YardieChick

        Somehow, I thought you meant 'braking' as in 'stopping the car so that you can back over the mufugga yet again.' :D

        • Lo-Keiacus

          LOL… Heyyy Leo babe!

          • Leo_YardieChick

            Mawning! :D

  • HappyStina

    I am just angry as hayle that his little <A style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 2px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: -2px; BACKGROUND: url ( repeat-x 50% bottom; COLOR: #006600; CURSOR: pointer; TEXT-DECORATION: none" id=AdBriteInlineAd_tiny onclick="" name=AdBriteInlineAd_tiny target=_top display="inline" keyword="tiny">tiny balls are <A style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 2px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: -2px; BACKGROUND: url ( repeat-x 50% bottom; COLOR: #006600; CURSOR: pointer; TEXT-DECORATION: none" id=AdBriteInlineAd_bigger name=AdBriteInlineAd_bigger target=_top display="inline" keyword="bigger">bigger than his whole dack!! What the fvck is that!! Just messed up my whole day!!!

    Morning All!! Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

  • Folk

    "Blood and bad decisions"? Nah bruh. No blood, no bad decisions. Decisions will be precise and appropriate, and there usually isn't any blood with a properly tuned cattle prod.

  • TwinkerBelle


    As a side note: white boy looks kind of cute angry…lol.

    • justme81

      *STAMP* I noticed that too;)

  • Virtual Virgo

    With a peen that small, he HAD to take his clothes off to feel anything!

    • Chrys Azz Chrys

      Have you been to the corner lately?

  • VivaciousPeach

    Where's Meme?


    • That_Dude

      IKR! Her perfect man; though isn't it a problems when your dude needs to use a strap-on for you to feel anything?

  • Tori_D

    Awwww it's so little the post doesn't even need NSFW

    • Leo_YardieChick

      I know, right? Wow.

  • marinrin

    that's a good shot someone got of him getting punched. his face is still in what i like to call "the reaction moment" when something happens, eg, a fan being in front of you and your face is doing the jiggly thing.

    he's a pretty good looking dude, but um it's clear he dabbles heavily in the "happy stuff" on the regular.

  • James_Cambridge

    Tickets to attend the Ultra Music Festival: $100

    Ten tabs of acid: $50.

    Cost of tweezer to find and hold your microscopic junk while you pee: priceless!

    <img src=""&gt;

  • Les

    Why is that little circle over it? Not like you could see it anyway…

  • caratime2


    Imma need the better-endowed Asian brethren to stand and deliver (read: git nekkid!), because this guy just set you guys back a decade or two….

    • James_Cambridge

      I love Japanese men (which this guy is not by the way). They're handsome, tall…just gorgeous. But there's no junk there either. Stereotypes are always based in some truth, right High Expectation Asian Father?

      <img src=""&gt;

      Sorry father :(

      • caratime2

        Years ago a worked for a brand name development agency. One of our projects was a condom aimed more at the gay crowd with reference to the rising AIDS statistics. Because of that project I read way more research about condoms than was good for me. When I found out that all countries have the same sizes designation, but the actual size of the condoms differ due to geographic region – with Asia coming up on the small end of the scale – let's just say I have given the entire region the mega-side-eye.

        I need Russell Wong et al to prove the market research wrong!

    • Leo_YardieChick

      From your lips to God's ear!

  • James_Cambridge
    • OHNCantTakeIt

      *screaming with laughter*

      STOP IT!!! I can't deal…

  • AmbzBoogie

    Ya'll.ARE.KILLING.ME.With the GIFS and JPGS!!!


    • OHNCantTakeIt

      I will be tweeting tonight JUST so I can use #DISHONOR!! *LMAO*

      • Tester70

        :wipes tears from my eyes at this whole damn thread:

        Why wait lets start now..

  • Zan

    iDied at this post and the comment thread! OMFDamn! LawdIcantwithyoupeopletodayyyyyyy ::weeping::

  • blu4577

    Hope he is a grower

    • Leo_YardieChick

      Yea. A MiracleGrower.


    *squinting* Its..Its like a sad little Vienna sausage. Bless his heart.

    • Fadematic

      *Throws out can of spicy Vienna sausage he was eating*

      Warning: Reading comments from OoPUNKYoO are liable to make you throw snacks across the room in a fit of rage.

  • Leo_YardieChick

    Dude, I clicked AND leaned in and I still almost missed it in the shadow! I've changed baby boys with larger dacks than that. I hope he had a nasty accident and this isn't a genetic product, cuz…..damn.

  • Irritated Boi

    The first 8secs describes this guy.

    [youtube Ut0WDb-xzks youtube]