Walking dead – Girl climbs out of grave and helps police catch her rapist.

COTABATO CITY, Philippines–Regaining consciousness, a 10-year-old girl clawed her way out of the ground and pointed her parents and the authorities to the cousin who raped her, knocked her out with a blow to the head and buried her in a shallow grave, the police said Thursday.

Inspector Roberto Ocumen, chief of police in the town of Magpet, said the girl told investigators she was raped, then hit with a hard object on the head and buried alive by her cousin Dennis Quilaton, 21, on Sunday.

Ocumen said the girl regained consciousness underground and crawled out of the freshly dug grave.

She managed to reach home through the help of some neighbors and told her parents about her ordeal.

Ocumen said that policemen arrested the suspect on Monday and that he has been charged. He is still under police custody, he said.

The girl’s father said that his daughter was snatched by Quilaton Sunday morning, hit her with a hard object and brought her in a grassy area near their home before sexually abusing her.

The suspect then buried her in a shallow grave, he said.

“Miraculously, she regained consciousness, woke up and crawled until she reached a house and sought help,” the father said.

It was not clear how long the girl had been buried. [source]

Is it wrong that I think rapists automatically deserve the death penalty when it’s been proven beyond all doubt??

man.. at least chemical castration.  But i’m finding it really hard to think someone like this could be rehabilitated into being a good human being who would be a contributing member of society.


Thanks to Paco Liles for the send in

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  1. paco_liles says

    Is it me or does the father sound a little too sane. This would have ended a lil different if this was Papa Paco. The cousin would be strung from his balls and gutted while alive.

  2. Virtual Virgo says

    He should be buried alive as well. Except he should be buried face down. So that when HE tries to claw his way out, he will just keep going down….

  3. C.G. says

    I agree with you 200% they can not be rehabilitated. I was told by my psy prof that castration doesn't work because they will find other means to cause irreperable damage to victims..so yea I think death and a painful and slow one would be in order.Imho.

  4. says

    Is it wrong that I think rapists automatically deserve the death penalty when it’s been proven beyond all doubt??

    Nope. Rapists and child molesters serve no purpose on this planet. That kind of evil can't be fixed.

  5. Darealyst Dude says

    So he raped her, knocked her out, & left her buried alive? And she 10?! Yeah…I'm surprised that little fugger is still alive. If Daddy didn't do it, one of the other family members should

  6. says

    This reminds me of that movie I Spit On Your Grave. Everyone should watch it with their hunny in preparation for Halloween with some popcorn and a box of wine.

  7. Darealyst Dude says

    On a totally separate note, if the zombie attacks start in the Phillipines, we know how…

    • mehtare says

      And now the zombie quips begin. Will the person who didn't know this was coming please stand up?

  8. TracyTrips says

    I keep trying to imagine what I would do if this happened to my daughter but everytime I try I can't see past the red haze of insane and murderous anger. That f*cker would be deadest of the dead and STILL be begging me to kill him. Sorry sick sonofab*tch.

  9. caratime2 says

    You know what gets me the most? This was her cousin!!!

    I don't trust a damn stranger and therefore potentially expect the worst, but someone from the family…??
    This would be where I put a whole new spin on the notion of "honor killing", because my baby's honor would not be restored till we're bar-b-q-ing your ass all "Fried Green Tomato"-style and charging $11 a plate….

    **kicks stuff over on the way out**

    • ph2072 says

      Unfortunately, adult family members preying on child relatives is more common than we believe. It's sad that this doesn't surprise me. :-/

      If this were me in the father's shoes, this would be an honor killing. Except in this case, the killing would be ON BEHALF OF my daughter, not against my daughter. There would be a lot of slow singing & flower bringing, blood relation be got-damned.

      *continues where caratime2 left off and trashes the whole got-damn place*


  10. says

    Somebody does that to my daughter? Jail wouldn't even be on my mind. Hell I'd slay his behind in the courthall Samuel style if the police gets his ass first. This sick f!ck is way beyond rehabilitation. Way.

    • says

      That makes me think, again, about Halloween – I'm totally pulling out the ol' yeller jumpsuit this year. It has been my party favorite 3 years strong. Oh chit that reminds me, I gotta go do some lunges and sit ups! *runs away like the Flash*

  11. ph2072 says

    "Is it wrong that I think rapists automatically deserve the death penalty when it’s been proven beyond all doubt??"

    All sexual deviants – pedophiles, molesters, rapists, and anything else that I may be forgetting – deserve the death penalty. I'd prefer the electric chair. Fry their asses. :-/

  12. marinrin says

    i'm so glad that little girl is ok. as fer her disgusting ass cousin, bury his ass under the jail. alive. and see how he likes that shyt

  13. DMarioIsajerk says

    rape is a sticky subject cause date rape or a "i hate you" can turn into a finger pointing match and wrong accusations.

    iont know how i feel about absolutes in this instance.

    BUT in this thing with the 10 yr old girl, he needs to DIE, for attempted murder