Is Anyone Where you can post nude revenge pics of someone and it’s owner couldn’t give a f*ck if you killed yourself because of it.

THIS guy… THIS dude…. wow.

Look… No matter how much of a dick YOU think you are, you are not outdicking this dude here. I bow down to his sense of no shame, but also if given the opportunity I would probably push this fool into traffic…

Hunter Moore is trying to screw a 20-year-old woman on my lap. It’s after 2 in the morning, we’re squashed in a stretch limo with 11 others, stray limbs jumbled onto the vehicle’s floor like a pile of sticks. The California-based revenge-porn profiteer and his rail-thin companion, a Long Island dance teacher, are reclined on our legs, their necks on my knees, as the 26-year-old alternates between making out with her and another blond girl to his right—a 21-year-old from Philly who will later call this “the wildest night of my life.” Across from his best friend, Carlos Jacome, a Colombian-ginger wingman also sandwiched between two girls, Moore playfully pushes the women together so he can kiss them both at the same time. But the dancer is growing jealous, so she cradles his head possessively and coos at them both, “My baby.”

Singular attention can be earned, apparently. “Can we fuck right now?” Moore whispers to her face. “C’mon. Real quick.”

Hunter Moore is the unrepentant founder of Is Anyone Up, a virtual grudge slingshot of a website that gleefully publishes “revenge porn” photos—cell-phone nudes submitted by scorned exes, embittered friends, malicious hackers, and other ne’er-do-well degenerates—posted alongside each unsuspecting subject’s full name, social-media profile, and city of residence. Over the past 16 months, the site has been a source of public humiliation for pop-punk bassists, a Maple Leafs forward, an Ultimate Frisbee champ, anAmerican Idol finalist, and the founder of Dream Water. (“Obviously didn’t make Smart Water,” Moore zinged.) Should you mistake these targets for adhering to a code of heartbroken vigilantism or entitlement schadenfreude, let it be known that the only guides Moore follows are the law and Mark Zuckerberg‘s principle that the greatest online power is the people you know. “At the end of the day, people just want to see their friends fucking naked,” he offers. Now he posts nude schoolteachers, young mothers,American military members, little people, and, recently, a disabled woman in a wheelchair. It’s worth noting Moore often advertises with the tagline “Pure Evil.”

Naturally, Moore has spawned a legion of enemies. After posting images of the daughter of a major GOP campaign donor, strangers tried to climb over his home fence. Last spring, Bamboozle organizers threatened to arrest him if he stepped on festival grounds. In July, a San Francisco–area woman stabbed the Sacramento native in the shoulder with a pen, a wound that required surgery and left a caterpillar-size scar. Facebook instituted a universal ban on the site; Moore enjoys telling everyone that he responded with a picture of his dick. Anonymous has targeted his site, as have other savvy hackers; he now pays a security firm five grand a month to ward them off. And there is a steady stream of death threats, which has Moore mulling over moving back to New York, where he has lived in two separate spells. He could really use a doorman. “I’m scared I’m going to get fucking murdered in my sleep if someone finds out where I live.”

Although Moore isn’t giving out his home address or cell-phone number, which he has changed every month this year, the self-employed entrepreneur isn’t hiding. The opposite, actually: Moore travels acrossthe countryDJ’ing clubs, widely promoting his personal appearances. This is partly because he insists he’s a straw man. “People want to point the finger at me, but I didn’t fucking raid your house and take your phone,” he says. “I don’t see how I’m supposed to be sorry.” But more so, it’s because he’s constantly playing chicken. Threaten a lawsuit, and Moore will post your threat. Cry about the emotional distress he has abetted, and he will belittle your concern. “After a couple of days, literally, nobody gives a fuck,” he says. “We’ve all masturbated to you or laughed at you, and it’s done. It can’t get any worse.” Confront him for posting your nudes on Anderson Cooper’s show, and he will just repost your boobs the following day with the headline, “The Girl Who Confronted Me on the Anderson Cooper Show.”

This behavior is classic trolling, which has drawn him an online army of adoring defenders. Moore has 35,000 Twitter followers; his site has more than 91,000. One woman named her child after him. Three things fangirls have tweeted at him in the past week: “If you had aids, id still fuck you just to say i have aids and that i got aids from you”; “One day I’m going to have Hunter Moore tattooed on my stomach with an arrow pointing down that says ‘God Was Here'”; “I wonder how many girls have tried to steal @Huntermoore used condoms.”

“We all want to be him,” insisted Charlie Rittenhouse, a 25-year-old fanboy acquaintance from Islip, Long Island, minutes before we all climbed into the limo hailed outside Moore’sWebster Hall birthday party. “We all fucking do.”

Internet, this is what you’ve created.

Is Anyone Up is a NSFW blog devoted to capitalizing on the vindictive potential of smartphone technology. Five days a week, the 16-month-old site updates with 20 to 30 individual posts of nude 18- to 30-year-olds who, however foolishly, never intended their sexting images for public consumption. Most of these amateur self-portraits are posed with shower curtains or linen-cluttered backdrops. Many include recognizable faces. All appear beside screenshots of their Facebook or Twitter accounts, with their full names, cities, and states blasted in Google-searchable headlines. Every naked body is actively subject to ridicule, both by commenters and Moore, who chooses animated-GIF “reaction shots” to accompany each nude. For example, a dark-haired vamp is rewarded with Jersey Shores Vinny and Pauly D eyeing each other over milkshakes on a pixelated loop; a small male endowment incurs Jerry Lewis silently guffawing again and again. [ read more here…]

As disgusting as this dude might be to you, he proves a damn good point that far too many people choose to ignore in the internet age and that is NOT TO SEND NUDE PIX TO ANYONE WITH YOUR GATDAMN FACE IN THE PICTURE.

I don’t care WHO it is….. Your husband, your wife your Alabama daddy, whomever. Just say no….. NooOoooooo. The sad part is that even after reading this shyt here and after reading the article as a whole? Some of you are still gonna do it….

: shrugs :

Wow. This si what I also find interesting as hell and where dude just decides to be waaaayy too honest about all the fux he doesn’t give:

There may be point at which Moore’s lucrative shit-talking get the best of him. He openly boasts to the Village Voice about ignoring DMCA takedown requests from Is Anyone Up’s unwilling subjects. And here’s a quote from the Village Voice profile, about whether Moore would care if someone committed suicide after being humiliated on his site:

“I do not want anybody to ever be hurt by my site-physically,” he says. “I don’t give a fuck about emotionally. Deal with it. Obviously, I’d get a ton of heat for it. But-I’m gonna sound like the most evil motherfucker-let’s be real for a second: If somebody killed themselves over that? Do you know how much money I’d make? At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do? Thank you for the money.”

Though many people—including Facebook—have sent him legal threats, Moore has yet to be sued. But as Forbes’ Kashmir Hill has pointed out, Moore could be held liable if a lawyer could prove that Is Anyone Up exists “simply for the purpose of privacy invasion and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” Statements like the above, along with posts that feature captions like “Kelsey is a little slut from Pittsburgh whose clit deserves some attention,” might some day come back to bite Moore in court. [source]


Thanks to eboni for the send in.

When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.


  1. fineazell1 says

    Thanks for telling me about this site. You have done a great service! types in w w w dot …….. I'm kidding, :-0

  2. Chitown Sista says

    One woman named her child after him. Three things fangirls have tweeted at him in the past week: “If you had aids, id still **** you just to say i have aids and that i got aids from you”.

    This is the DUMBEST statement ever. smh. What is wrong with people today?

    I hate what he is doing, but dare I say YOU put yourself into this predicament by taking said pics in the FIRST place. NO he's not entitled to post them cuz u took the pics, BUT shouldnt been takin them. *shrug*

    Both of you are disgusting in different ways.

  3. That Dude Bennegtt says

    "People are probably going to want to fucking kill me after I say this. But if you are quote-unquote being cyber-bullied, you should just fucking kill yourself." He continues: "My site is different. If you're posted, and people are like, 'You're fat; kill yourself,' I can understand why people are hurting themselves over it, which I hope to God never happens. But these kids who have never even been posted on my site, who are getting called a 'faggot' from a couple bullies at school? They're just weak-minded people. The shit I went through? Fucking 10,000 times worse than these fucking kids—the kid who made that video who went viral?"—he's talking about Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14-year-old Lady Gaga fan from Buffalo who made an It Gets Better video but then took his own life—"Are you fucking kidding me? He's, like, a good-looking kid. Who got called a fag every day? There's something wrong, I feel."

    I ask what he went through that was so much worse. "Dude, I got jumped all the time," he says. "I got made fun of all the time. For me, I got made fun of for my nose forever. I have a very ethnic nose. You know what I fucking did? I don't give a fuck, I still got my dick sucked with it. But I hated my nose. I felt insecure about my nose. And all it did was make me want to be even better-looking. So I made a bunch of money, and I got my nose done.

    • That Dude Bennegtt says

      A-hole of the decade. Poster child for a lot of people of this generation unfortunately. And while, yes, don't take nude pictures & send to anyone if you don't want them showing up online – especially ones with your face — this guy is still beyond douchebag…

  4. bsmuv says

    Gawd Fawking Damnit! I had this very same idea to do this exact thing a few years ago and wrote it off as never being a viable money maker. Fawwwwwwwwwwwwwwking hell!

    *Going back over my list of internet site ideas one of these fuggin ideas is bound to make me enough money to bring Lisa Nicole Carson out of hiding.*

    • bsmuv says

      I hate you for this, now I have to go and watch this video again. Damn you, Damn you to Slaus's anal area after bean burrito buffet night at the local Taco Bell.

  5. Zuly says

    Thank goodness I know for a fact I've never sent out nude pictures.

    As for this: Moore could be held liable if a lawyer could prove that Is Anyone Up exists “simply for the purpose of privacy invasion and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

    I think from his statements it's pretty clear that he's in it for the money, not to get back at anyone in particular. So he'll probably win that lawsuit if it ever comes up.

    • bsmuv says

      Here is the thing…… He is not the one submitting the pictures to the website. His fans are. As long as he is not actively seeking out the material via illegal means a la hacking folks phones and computers and as long as his servers are not in some state that by law forbids porn hosting, then he is in the clear. Although it would cost him heavily to defend himself in a lawsuit, when he wins the losers will have to cough up the fees. Which I'm sure is the reason nobody has stepped up to sue him. That and the fact they would have to re-live the embarrassment all over again.

  6. Marina Lasanya says

    "As disgusting as this dude might be to you, he proves a damn good point that far too many people choose to ignore in the internet age and that is NOT TO SEND NUDE PIX TO ANYONE WITH YOUR GATDAMN FACE IN THE PICTURE."

    *sigh* yeah he does. with that being said, choose your partners wisely. don't take naked pics of yourself on internet-capable devices. you'll find yourself embarrassed to the nth degree.

  7. says

    Ok…..Lemme be the devil's advocate type person kinda.

    Lest we all forget…This man would not be in business if he wasn't getting submissions. Is he an as*hole? Yeah. He is, but he isn't the only one. Your ex pissed you off? Cheated on you? Dumped you? SUCK IT UP. Move on! Does it really make you feel better as a person to know that their tittays, molly joes or weenies are posted up on a public site? What is wrong with society today that we cannot feel better about ourselves unless we are humiliating somebody that hurt us?

    You know what the BEST revenge is for the person that hurt you? To not give a f*ck. To move on and be happy. To run into them one day and be the nicest person you could possibly be to them and let them know that they did not affect your life in one way or the other. This sh*t right here is just…sad.

  8. hautie says

    As if he is the only one doing this… has been doing the same thing for a few years now.

    Yet, I am still stunned that anyone believes, that their nude photo will not end up online.

  9. yaya120 says

    Man!!!!! the azzhole in me aspires to be like him!!! well80% like hm. I would not want someone to kill themselves over what I did. But the part of giving -0 fuggs is pretty damn funny.

  10. Smoked Sammon says

    Damn, I guess you can make anything into a hustle.

    SN: I noticed that every picture I saw up there were of folks of the melanin-deprived variety. I won't chalk this up as WFS but…it's getting there.

    • says

      soo not wfs… man i've got a bevy of images sent in to me that i just refused to post on the boob site. Hell pix of some of yall.. I just refused to put it out there.. buuuuuut they were 90% melanin rich

      • Smoked Sammon says

        Not the pics, moreso the "you hurt me so I'm gonna put your pics online" aspect. The only time cullud folk wind up getting their pictures put up online because of "revenge" is in mugshots, news reports, and videos on WSHH with titles like "Man gets his AZZ WHOOPED", "CAT FIGHT", "girl getz KTFO" or "Florida woman charged with attempted murder after trying to strangle man with Yaki #5".

      • bsmuv says

        FUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGG Dat Nigga. If you got pics that were sent in, blue dot them faces or pixiate them shyts and post umm up on TT! I give zero fuggs about knowing who's face it is but loves me some cleavage drenched in honey butter and rice crispys with a little….

        • says

          Nawl man lol. most of these girls are really nice and sweet people, they just made the mistake in thinking they could trust someone they shouldna. doesn't make them bad people, hoes or anything like that.

          They just made a mistake. I don't want to put them out there like that.

          :: adjusts halo ;: :; faps some more tho ::

          • bsmuv says

            Hey hey hey hey now ain't no body labeling no body around these here parts. As a matter a fact I don't even wanna know who face is on the picture that's why we gonna black them out. I just like boobs and thighs and I admire the greatest creation that the Almighty put together with His own two hands. I feel I must admire and adore and worship the things He has made for it is His will for me to do so. Can the church say Amen and pass the titties!
            -Rev. Dowahchalyke of Shake Yathang Missionary Position Ministries Bedsyde Baptist & Check Cashing

          • says

            I can tell you ONE person that is not anywhere NEAR anyone's website with her A cups bouncin around and her ham wallet bein exposed to the world. ME! I ain't never taken NO privatepart pic of myself on a cell phone. The husband took a picture one time when he had a floppy disk camera for work…but that don't count. Oh…I think I humped after hours at a titty bar one night with a barkeep so I might be on the internet security webcam porn sites somewhere but it would be fuzzy cuz that place was nasty.

            • CaraQ301 says

              Polaroids… and I gots them heffas locked up! (And I married the photographer, so…)

              One day, they shall be burned along with other questionable documentations. (I like to reminisce on the body I used to have… it was lovely!)

              • says

                See… Now I need to take some pooter pics and put them in a chest that my kids will open when I die.

                I will be CACKLIN in purgatory.

    • bsmuv says

      I was thinking the same damn thing. At the end of the day, if you are gonna take'em then just be ok with the fact that there is gonna be a possibility that them shyts might be on the Net. I mean lets face it, raise you hand if you have ever lost your cell phone. Or better yet, raise you hand if you have ever had to take you cell phone in for service, and didn't remove the SD Card or memory card out of you phone before handing it over.

      I can tell you for a fact, the guys over at Geek Squad if you take you computer in for service and you have photos on you hard drive or music that they don't have, they give Zero Fuggs about making a copy for themselves.

    • Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

      yeah it seems like it. i looked solely for research purposes…yeah. and secretly make sure mine weren't on there. lol jk

      • says


        Did you see the girl that stuck the beer bottle up her honeypot?

        WHOOOO texts their girl and says 'you know what would be hot…if you sat on a beer bottle'…..

          • says

            I think it's the first girl on the front page? The ex says somethin about I don't care what you do just make sure you got the pics up with the beer bottles. That made me curious.

          • says

            oh you must look. It really ain't that bad. Not like the smegma or Bloody Gun Slinger definitions we was lookin up yesterday.

            ::runs off::

            • CaraQ301 says

              Damn you for making me want to look these up later!

              BLUE WAFFLE! (Google at your own risk!!!!)

              *drops the mic and leaves*

  11. says

    His personality may be that of an asshole to most (which in part seems to be because he might be TOO honest, and not caring enough, for folks to handle?), but I think the hostility towards him is misplaced. He's not doing anything new with that site, like other people here has mentioned, and he's not the one who's taking those pictures. Looks like a bunch of folks not taking responsibility for their actions and blaming someone else.

    I respect his honesty though. Better than if he was to try and defend against the obvious wrong; In which case he'd really be a 100% douche to me.

  12. Zuly says

    As a side note, maybe if Americans weren't so uptight about the human body this wouldn't be such a huge issue…cuz I mean, at the end of the day it's the same parts everyone already has.

    • Unca_Ruckus says

      Wow, you went there. I wanted to, but didn't feel I had a strong enough case. LOL

  13. mdbrat says

    Ewwwwwww I went to that site for investigative purposes…Yeah..A few of the guys could get it…