WHat did YOU have for breakfast!? Bet it wasn’t as awesome as Goat penis…..

Hey, if you’ve ever eaten chitlins and liked it…. you can;t say shyt…..

When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  • ToodySaysHey

    Phuck you, your peeps, your hopes and dreams and aspirations and
    all you consider blessed in your world. I condemn your rachet azzed soul to the most fiery chasms of Hell
    for this shyt.

    And good morning. And I had a burrito of cilantro, lime, chipotle marinated chicken breast with
    corn, mango and black bean salsa, thank you very much.

    • http://www.ohellnawl.com DatDamnDarkie

      :: rubs noses :: That'sokay!!! you'll be back!!! another Quaalude….. and you'll love me in the mornin!!!

      • yaya120


    • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T

      Looks like it'll be breakfast at your house tomorrow…

      • ToodySaysHey

        Shoo…jersey corn is hella cheap right so a sista is making hay while the sun shines.
        Next up is grilled chicken with corn tomato relish.

  • psufanfall99

    I had bacon and bacon is the candy of meats. That beats goat penis!

    • http://rawki3@blogspot.com Twink

      Bacon is how we know God really loves us.

      • psufanfall99

        Yes, yes it is. Do you know that the day I found out that 3 strips of bacon was 3 weight watchers points was the best day of my life. Well next to getting into school and graduations… Lol

        • http://rawki3@blogspot.com Twink

          I understand that. I'm was talking to this guy and he doesn't eat beef or pork. My first thought was "we could never be together because you won't let me enjoy the deliciousness that is bacon." And then when I told my friend about it, he was like "he doesn't eat bacon? Dead that QUICK!" lmao

  • FubsyNumbles

    …Mountain Goat Penis, for when mounting your man isn't enough…..

    This morning, I had mostly melon (canteloupe. And, unusually for me, that isn't a double entendre.)

  • Baps_32


    <img src="http://gifsoup.com/imager.php?id=302712&t=o&quot; border="0"/>

    Breakfast: Banana Berry Smoothie

  • Tester70

    I've had chitlins, lamb fries…what's a lil goat penis?

  • IAmTmonie

    I had oatmeal (not from a package) with slivered almonds, maple syrup and half a banana.

    For dinner last night I had Collard Green and Chicken Soup with Dumplings, recipe credit to Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss. Dee. Lish.

  • queensgirl1960

    IHATECHU!![youtube tu1zpTUOF4s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu1zpTUOF4s youtube]

  • yaya120

    nothing yet, but aint gonna be goat dack….

  • IAmTmonie

    Chitlins are not for procreation, don't dangle outside of the body and aren't inserted into a vagina.

    Chitlins – 3 Goat Peen – 0

    • Bubba Renaldo Garcia

      yeah but those things stink and are the dookey highway. that alone makes them even.

      • Zan


  • justme81

    Why is there no sale by date on those packages? Just how old are those goat penii? (SN: I like saying penii…rolls off the tongue nicely–no pun intended).

  • Chitown Sista

    *upchuck reflex initiated*

  • ChiDiva

    No Dack is crossing these lips unless it has the ability to pay bills and put gas in my jeep.

    • HappyStina

      If I could "like" that several times I would have!!! ^5!!

  • http://rawki3@blogspot.com Twink

    I had a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich with a delightful cranberry grape juce cocktail.

  • http://tracytrips.tumblr.com/ TracyTrips
    • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T

      Pale face speaks with forked tongue!!!

      I'll see myself out… not because of the joke, but because she is grossing me out.

      • http://tracytrips.tumblr.com/ TracyTrips

        You know shyt is bad when you can just ignore the fangs because you can't get past the devil fork tongue.

        • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T

          You're right Tracy, I didn't even notice the fangs. I should have used the devil joke I originally thought of…

          …I'm disturbed by the fact that in my younger years I have been repulsed by her, and still tried to kick it to her….

    • http://rawki3@blogspot.com Twink

      Bish, you gotta go. Right the fugg now.

    • That Dude Bennegtt

      While I imagine she could do some freaky things with both halves…I wouldn't let fang-girl near me johnson; fugg around ladies & get a hysterectomy…

  • letinstar

    [youtube C374lrpZ2NM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C374lrpZ2NM youtube]


    • ToodySaysHey

      I swear…around the 21 second mark…I swear one of those squares has a pair of balls jingling in it….I swear

      Last I checked, bananas didnt have ballsacks..

      • letinstar

        your eyes are playing tricks on you…

    • Baps_32

      Love this. *giggle*

  • Kat_Coll

    I had kimchi rice and tuna for breakfast. Not touching goat dack. Nope.

  • Virtual Virgo

    I had a strawberry protein shake with oatmeal.

  • SnekyFukinRushn

    Do they sell the balls too to go as sidedish with the dack?? O.O You know, for the complete picture!!

  • Sugafree

    Slausito Jesus Ashylandro Gordo Grande Ramirez???

    You know I'm about done with you. Get out!