Woman squeezes man’s scrotum until a testicle pops out! Then peed in the police car. WHERE IS GOD NOWWWWW!!!

A woman has been charged with malicious castration after allegedly squeezing a man’s scrotum until one of his testicles dislodged, North Carolina police reported.

Joyce Maxine Gregory, 35, allegedly attacked a 59-year-old man during an argument in his apartment in Shelby early Saturday morning. When the man went outside to call 911, Gregory reportedly grabbed him, squeezing a testicle from his scrotum before he was able to free himself from her grip, according to police documents obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Officer M. L. McPherson stated in his report that the victim’s “scrotum had been split open,” adding that, “I was also able to observe one of the subject’s testicles protruding from the scrotum area.”

Police also observed “blood on the floor of the porch and the siding of the residence.”

A urologist who treated the victim told police that stitches could treat the injury and that there would be no long-term damage, according to the police report.

When police arrested Gregory, she allegedly removed her pants and urinated in the back seat of the patrol car, the Shelby Star reported.

Gregory is being held on $20,000 bond and will next appear in court on June 18 for charges of malicious castration and assault inflicting serious bodily injury, according to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. [source]

:: rolling around on the floor in pain from the thought of this happening ::

WHAT were they arrrrguing about!!! What did he doooooo to deserve this type of horror!!!

HOW many squeezes does it take to pop a nut from the sac!!?????


And then this goofy heffa pissed in the squad car? Reaaallllllly???  The humaaaanity, man!!! The damn humaaaaaanity!!!

Where was Godddddddd, where was divine intervennnttiiiion!! :: crying in horror!!:: it’s like Jesus ran away screaming from it all and left ol boy there to get his nut popped out the saaaaaack!

It just messed the FootPrints poem aallll up!!!


“LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
you, you’d walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why when
I needed you most you would leave me.”

The LORD replied:

“My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you.
But you saw that crazy woman just as I did.

So those footprints are where I ran and left you on the ground.
I already died for your sins…. why must i suffer a popped nut as well…” 

When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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    • Im_Wifey


      • http://ohellnawlblog.com Lo – Kei

        ::booty rub::

        • Im_Wifey

          Now u stop that ya hear, my hubby is watching. :)

          • http://ohellnawlblog.com Lo – Kei

            I was talking about my booty o.o

            • Im_Wifey

              well in that case …………..

    • ToodySaysHey

      Am I wrong because my first thought upon reading the headline
      was 3rd Bass?

      "Pop pop goes the weasel the weasel, Pop goes the weasel
      cuz the weasel goes POP!"

      • http://ohellnawlblog.com Lo – Kei


  • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T


    Nice poem Slaus. For the record, Jesus give us free will. Homegirl seems like she was a frustrated sister who didn't get a nut one way, so she used her free will to get a nut another way.

    Actually, that mug shot looks like one of my brother's boys back in the day. She's kinda rough. I bet she could make a horse give it to her if she wanted.

    • Damelo Suave

      Sir – check your messages…kthanx!

  • CrunkcocoDiva
    • Tracie T-Dawg Smith

      Dude looks like he wants to fight the other two Musketeers.

  • MacDeezNuts

    I vote that we stop saying "what did the man do to cause this woman to (insert evil deed done to his frank and beans)?" and just start admitting that there are a bunch of crazy heffaz out there that are up to no good when it comes to a man's nether regions. ijs

    • DillaPickles

      Yeah, she pissed in the police car afterwards. That's a big "I'M CRAZY, BYTCHES!" more than anything else.

  • WanderBoi

    Pop goes the weasel cuz the weasel goes pop!

    • Im_Wifey

      R.I.P Bernie Mac

    • queensgirl1960

      Stay out my mind..

    • ToodySaysHey

      My first thought too!!!! LOL

  • Bubba Renaldo Garcia
  • WanderBoi

    Was she listening to this song?

    [youtube xCEWhAqsYJw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCEWhAqsYJw youtube]

  • Damelo Suave

    She looks like Khia, so that means nothing good can come from dealing with her…not a daggone thing.

  • Kat_Coll

    …. wow. And then she peed in the car. She is WAY more than a bubble off level.

  • http://www.dimpleandasmirk.com/ The Hell Bus Driver

    Just another hazard of messing with a crazy bytch!

    [youtube 8GZuzlmpbOs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GZuzlmpbOs youtube]

    • krzyboutgram

      thats my shyt right there

    • http://janeteckford.blogspot.com/ jeckford13

      OMG I can't even tell you how much I love this song. When Sig Other pisses me off I blast this and show off my ring, yelling, "You knew what you were getting into."

  • DillaPickles
    • Chitown Sista

      This one best describes what I think many of yall's faces looked like when you read this. AHHAHAHAH

    • Tracie T-Dawg Smith

      Why hello, Joaquin. *bats eyelashes* *coughs* Wait, what were we talking about again?

      • IAmTmonie

        Isn't he beautiful? (crazy self)

        • tiabella25

          lawd indeed he is! Him and his cleft lip! If his brother was still alive I'd be able to fulfill my fantasy with the menagerie of white boy's I want to violate…

          • CrunkcocoDiva

            ''menagerie of white boy's''…..ma'am——————->>>>>>>>>

            • tiabella25

              LMAO! ….I'm just saying. *slowly walks to corner*

          • ToodySaysHey


            Imma give you a bucket of ice and a nice corner
            to sit in.

      • Zan

        MMMM get off mah man! !

        LOL…actually…I ain't trippin'…I don't mind sharing. :)

  • mamalazarus

    I had to come out of eterna-lurk to ask a question…where, why, and how is "malicious castration" actually a legal charge now? Like, does this happen enough to need its own category of crime now? And is there such a damn thing as NON-malicious castration? I'm just wondering…

    • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T

      "And is there such a damn thing as NON-malicious castration?"

      Yes… it's called nagging. You don't intend to castrate a brother, it just happens as a by-product.

  • Im_Wifey

    Didn't read through all the post and I'm sure some one has already said this, but daymit I'm still gonna say it………………………..
    "She must be a real ball buster."

    • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T


      • Im_Wifey

        thank you :)

  • Im_Wifey

    I just went through the comments now and saw that I am the first haha

  • mdbrowngirl

    bath salts?

    • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T

      Are you calling me out, or placing blame?

      ::Files formal papers for name change::

  • queensgirl1960

    [youtube Inj2Ch-oIX8&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inj2Ch-oIX8&feature=related youtube]

    • ChiTown_Clown

      This just proves white boys will do stupid shyt…….BUT you wrong for posting this. I feel nauseous

  • Smoked Sammon

    She's nuts.

    She's got to be a real handful.

    She needs to get a grip.

    • Im_Wifey

      ::rolls eyes::

  • cakes_and_pies

    You never trust anyone with black lips.

    • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com Sexy Bath Salts _T

      That's what my grandmother always said. Black lips and blue gums.

    • Zan


      why my mama used to say the same damn thing?!?!!?

    • ToodySaysHey

      You know what? Out of all my mom's rachet azz relatives,
      the worst is her sister Betty…or Ole Black Lipped Betty,
      as we call her.


      *crying laughing*

  • ChiTown_Clown

    I won't hit a woman but this heffa right here can get a straight beat down. (after I heal tho)

  • kattyone

    You are so wrong for that revised version of the Footprints poem.

  • CaraQ301

    I crossed my legs… and Slaus is going UNDER hell for that Footprints ish!

  • http://ithinkimadorable.tumblr.com/ wnchstrlvr

    I. Hate. Every. Freakin. Thang.

    Why does all the crazy stuff happen in FL (where I was born) and all the stupid stuff happens in NC (where I live)?

    I'm moving.

  • http://ohhellnawlblog.com minesreal

    popped nut ?