LNBS: Southern Foot Fetish! This is how you eat out feet southern style!

Many southerners have a foot fetish. Lil’piggie foots that is! Again, Folk must have been fvcking adopted by Folk’s southern peeps, because Folk had a lot of issues with these “southern delicacies”. Folk wanting for the mothership to return and grab Folk up (may explain what these fvcking greylian aliens keep fvcking wit Folk).

But if you eva in the south and you ever want to know how to ENJOY your feet, then here ya go!

So now you know how to enjoy yo’feets when you visit yo’cousins down south!

Who among you have enjoyed feet in your day? Nite!


      • says

        Somebody needs some yoga or an ambien. This LNBS is starting to keep me up at night.

        On the other hand, I'm saying this just because it's you, this is some freaking fascinating stuff you're finding. Sick, but fascinating.

  1. LynnInArizona says

    Meh! I used to eat pig's feet as a child, not so much as an adult although my mom just mentioned that she had a "taste' for them. Hell, my paternal great-garndma used to make my great granddaddy fried brain sandwiches
    on the regular. And my maternal grandparents used to eat scrambled eggs with brain. I believe they were beef brains, but wouldn't know cause we (my siblings and many cousins) weren't allowed to eat certain things that they ate all the time such as brain, kidneys, hog's head cheese.

  2. Omelette says

    I've had them too, slow braised. All skin, gelatine and bones. Fall apart on the fork and melt in the mouth yet fiddly, very fiddly. Take the bones out, chop and make a terrine. Gizzards are nice. Brains are very very fatty, if you don't eat them hot they set like soap and either way they coat your tongue, mouth and throat in a not entirely lovely way, they have a faintly genital quality.
    Eels are nice, here's how you catch them http://youtu.be/eW03z829Jhg

  3. caratime2 says

    Had pigs' feet and sauerkraut, as well as pickled pigs' feet as a kid. Also chitlings, hog maw, beef tongue and head cheese. With the exception of liver, I don't really do internal organs anymore (and liver only infrequently).

    I only had brains once – and by accident. My German neighbor was all exciting about having something I thought she said were "Nieren" (kidneys) back in the day. When she gave me a bit to taste (they were pan-fried, and smelled wonderful), I was really turned off by the mouth-feel, and told her I thought kidneys would have had a very different consistency. That's when she told me I had just eaten "Hirn" (brains) not "Nieren. Never again…

    I would, however, do wicked things for a FedEx C.A.R.E. package of scrapple!!!!!

    • Da Roach says

      " I would, however, do wicked things for a FedEx C.A.R.E. package of scrapple!!!!! "

      Oh really…hmmmm may have on take you up on that….


  4. mdbrowngirl says

    I indulge in "trotters" every now and again w/a little hot sauce and vinegar (only if my mother makes them though).Go ahead and judge me. :(

  5. LibraBaby says

    I was raised on a farm and after witnessing plenty of slaughters, I refuse to eat anydayumthing besides ham, bacon, and the occasional pork chop. Nothing turns you off from the majority of pig parts like seeing a snout floating in a bucket of water or folks arguing over who's eating the bawlz after they've been hacked off.