Guy invites fellow gamer to come down to his house to fight…well he got stabbed and shot at instead.

An online Xbox fight dramatically escalated when a 17-year-old boy stabbed his friend 22-times after first attempting to shoot him.

Living just doors apart, 20-year-old Kevin Kemp and the unnamed teenager became embroiled in an argument while using their Xbox Live headsets and their crossed words became heated.

As their banter turned bitter, Kemp issued a challenge to his friend to make the short journey to his house to finish their fight, unaware that the teenagers raged had turned murderous.

‘He walks up to my room and he points the gun right at me and takes out the clip and shows his bullet, puts it back in the gun, tries to shoot me and he shot it and it went right past my head,’ said Kemp.

‘Almost hit me.’

Then producing a knife, the raging teen proceeded to stab his friend 22 times across his body, narrowly missing his heart and major arteries across his chest.

‘We were just talking over headsets,’ said Kemp.

‘I’m like, ‘Bro, if you want to do this, come over to my house and we’ll do this right now.’

Hearing his friend drop his headset, Kemp was stunned by the speed at which he arrived at his front door.

The friend reportedly barged past his mother on the way into Kemp’s house holding the handgun and the knife.

Fleeing the scene, Kemp was tended to by paramedics at the scene.

‘We were standing out here when they carried him out,’ said neighbour Dylan Fulkerson.

‘He was covered in blood, he was on the stretcher and what not.’

Kemp told CBS Sacramento that he think the friendship with the teenage family friend is over.

The teen is facing one charge of burglary and two counts of attempted murder.

‘It’s kind of unusual in that regard,’ said Jimmy Lee of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department.

‘Haven’t heard of something happening online, whether it was playing games or chatting, that led to an attack like this.’ [source]

…I’m mad he has nicer areola than Halle Berry ….. that is so wronnng… so wronnng.

Anyway, maaaaaaaaan look. Let the gaming azz gamer homies tell you about some of the times we have all been online playing Modern Warfare and end up getting into it with other gamers like some nerdy-azz stupidity.  If folks had the ability to, they would surely have tried to roll up on our homes and got into some ol bull stoooooOpidity. Just testosterone filled ridiculousness.

WIth that said, I guess you have to be reallllly careful about who you tell to come at you, bro! Realllly careful. Because as crazy and boss as you think you are, there is always someone crazier….. for real, for real.

Areola Andy here must not have had any idea just how crazy azz crazy this other kid was, otherwise I would like to think he would have just chilled. Because this unwrapped fool came down the street armed like he was ready to do battle with 7 samurai n what not. Came down the street armed with a damn gun AND a knife, son! A Gun and a knife!?? THAT is for when you are just ready to cancel someone’s christmas! Cancelling whatever plans they had for Tuesday n ish.

What’s messed up is that his mom answered the door and had to see an ol crazy b*tch standing there like:

What was his mom supposed to say when she answered the door? That there is a fool standing there armed with bullets and bad decisions.

Man…. people are crazy.

:: goes to lock doors and set up bunker ::

Thanks to everyone who sent this in…..

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  1. MacDeezNuts says

    #1 – good think ol boy was fat so those stab wounds had plenty of places to hit without hitting anything vital

    #2 – I wonder what color the perp was, 17 years old, attempted murder with deadly weapons and they are still calling him underage and not putting his name out there…hhhhhhmmmmmm

  2. DeeBeeR says

    Sweet Baby Jesus….. I so needed this today……

    Being the mom of a boy-gamer, I can COMPLETELY see some shyt like this going on….testosterone INDEED.

    "WIth that said, I guess you have to be reallllly careful about who you tell to come at you, bro! Realllly careful. Because as crazy and boss as you think you are, there is always someone crazier….. for real, for real. "


  3. MrsHTA says

    Okay ummm 1. Slaus why are you looking at his areola? I'm worried.
    2. Who takes the clip out to show the bullet? Especially if you're that upset you want to shoot someone.
    3, Who only has 1 bullet in their clip? I know daddy got more than one bullet or did he think he was a better shot and only needed one.
    4. How you challenge someone, hear them drop their headset and not get up to meet them? Didn't think he'd really come for that fight….

  4. ChiDiva says

    This kinda tomfoolery doesn't happen with me and my fellow atari 2600 gamers.These kids and their new-fangled technology…..smh

    • Da Roach says

      So true.
      Now I know why Slaus and Wanna play ME3 more LOL. Yeah when the GAZG crew gets together its only a matterr of time before some azz hat says something and its on. You can only be so many b$$$ch and N**** !! Lets just say we may not start it…but we sure do finish it.

      Don't start none…won't be none.

    • says

      "This kinda tomfoolery doesn't happen with me and my fellow atari 2600 gamers."


      I was just sitting here thinking about how I used to rage out over Sega football, baseball, and hockey. Even when I would play against the computer before work, I would be so mad that I was totally unproductive until almost lunch time. I know to leave my sons and all their new millennium games alone.

  5. DiamondDivaCee says

    As a Gamer Girl, I have long ago learned that you don't talk smack to people over the Xbox Live…there are people who do nothing else ALL day but play these damn games! WTF?! Now I will say that every now and then I'll get a guy who talks smack, usually right about the time that we are about to go in on some MW3. But in that case, I'll just gently serve them and go abut my way…later getting a creepy friend request from dudes trying to hit on you. You don't play in the Gamer world…shyt can get real.

  6. Unca_Ruckus says

    Well, call the thunder and be prepared to ride the lighting. I wonder what his Elite status ranks now?

  7. says

    fugg all yall!!! y'all gone let me be great.

    ladies.. if you also have big ol dinner-plate areola, please know that regardless of what anyone else has told you…. that shyt looks AWESOME!!!!

    : gropey motions ::

    Bigger the areola the better. Titties looking like they are jewish. areola looking like a yarmulke on those damn things.

    but… areola should creep up half the length of your damn titty.

    titties looking like they burned up on reentry.

  8. Flyaway09 says

    I think his fat protected him. Dang knife couldn't reach any internal organs because it couldn't penetrate through this big boy suit. Good thing eh? >.<