Mom leaves kids alone so she can go get some d*ck real quick. Kids wander off into highway.

NEW PORT RICHEY – A New Port Richey mother admitted to police she left three kids home alone — one as young as ten months old — while she went to a neighbor’s house for sex.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says while Crystal Rusaw was out, the kids wandered from the house, up the street, and crossed a busy highway.

Investigators say a witness may have saved their lives by stopping them and getting help.

The kids range in age from four years to ten months. Investigators say the youngest was only wearing a urine-filled diaper.

Rusaw later admitted to leaving the kids to go to a neighbor’s house for sex, where she also fell asleep.

“It could have been tragic,” said Joan Miller, who was almost brought to tears when she learned what happened. “It’s just unbelievable.”

Other neighbors weren’t surprised by the arrest, saying they have seen the children playing in the street by themselves ‘all the time.’

“I just see toys, and little kids always running and walking, and riding bicycles unsupervised down the street,” says William Gray who lives down the street.

Deputies arrested Rusaw on Saturday. She has since bonded out of jail. Nobody appeared to be at her home Monday evening.

ABC Action News spoke briefly to Rusaw’s boyfriend off-camera.  He said he was out of town all last week and found out what happened when he returned.

He tells us the children are staying with a relative. [source]

Ladies… I need you to explain something to the rest of us in here who can not relate. Gay fellaz, feel free to speak up also. But….. i…I don’t get it. is good penis THAT damn powerful that it would make a heffa straight leave her kids for the sake of penetration? Like, really???  Many of you are probably saying: ” but Slaus, men do stupid things for vagina all day every day. it’s the same thing so can’t you understand/”


Because as a man, i’m used to completely being under the spell of the one-eyed bastard that is attached to my body. I have not had control or a say so in what that fool feels or wants to do since june 10th of 1974. Hell…. the d*ck is not a part of us. That bytch is more so a symbiote that we just learn to live along side throughout life. It does IT’S thing and we do our own thing and somewhere in the middle you learn to sometimes work with one another for the common good.

Like…gettin in that ass.
But damn if I would expect the same shenanigans from you women. ESPECIALLY when you think about a damn Mom n ish…. Woman level 4 n shyt.  I always imagine a mother purring nothing over her damn child… especially some dack. But then again…. it happens all the time in the news it seems.

Just ugh.

Leaving your babies unattended so you can get some penis….and the babies end up on the highway looking like a live-action Frogger game and what not. Ugh.

Ugh bytch ugh,

When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  1. FubsyNumbles says

    Cue lots of responses calling for eugenic policies regarding child birth, licences, and psychological tests……

  2. says

    Wait…did the reporter say at the end that the BOYFRIEND was out of town and came home to find out his GIRLFRIEND was arrested?


    So while he was away, she went and got some dack…


    • MrsHTA says

      I had to read it again when I saw that. So not only are we a neglectful, dumb azz bad parent we also cheat.

      I also wonder if any of the kids are the boyfriends and if so how come he hasn't gotten them from the relative since he's been back?

  3. says

    but to answer the question

    is good dack that powerful

    in a word


    to a simpleminded bytch

    cause simpleminded bytches don't realize what's between their legs is WAY more powerful

    but like I've said dick-a-bytch down good enough and you got her sprung for life

  4. LynnInArizona says

    Good "dack" is ok. Great "dack" has back arching, toe curling, in tongues speaking, bliss finding powers. However I doubt the basis of this incident had to do with "dack' good, bad or otherwise. I'm guessing the neighbor had something she wanted, i.e. alcohol and or drugs, and a non monetary bargain was struck, so to speak. That just makes her lowdown and triffling.

  5. Virtual Virgo says

    Not only do I agree with you, but let me add that to some simple heffas, insertion of dack =validation and increased self worth.

  6. DeeBeeR says

    FLORIDA ::drops mic::

    ::picks up mic again:: I *do* have issues with this tho:
    " Many of you are probably saying: ” but Slaus, men do stupid things for vagina all day every day. it’s the same thing so can’t you understand/”


    'Cuse me? This AIN'T the 21st century? Women are supposed to be "above/better" than men? Stupid is stupid–it don't know no color, gender, etc…

  7. HappyStina says

    Where is Cara with the phrase that pays!!! Oh, she isn't in the building yet! Ok then, I will speak on it!!

    Ahem……Ain't no dack worth going to jail for!!!!

    • DiamondDivaCee says

      ZACK MORRIS!!!!!!
      And you're probably right. My hubs and I were just talking about how women cheat with guys they like but guys cheat with chicks they can't stand lol.

  8. yaya120 says

    You are not talking about a real mother, this heaux is just a basic bish with a uterus and a cumm catcher.

  9. Unca_Ruckus says

    I've been working on a theory since college, called the 9 inch theory. I had my nose wide open for this sophomore back in the day. She was FOINE! A member of the dance squad at halftime, hellacious body, and gorgeous lips that made a muhfugga wanna cry. Now, being this was my first time on my own, I could only use the plays i was raised with. I was a , ahem, a gentleman. To her credit, she didn't let me break out the "savaho" outfit, or bleed my college loans dry with bullshyt. The only problem was she had her nose wide open for this other dude. Now, this cat, was a full-blown playa. My social circle was fairly large, but I had first hand knowledge of at least three other females he was stroking at the same time, including the girl I wanted. I didn't get salty about it and start snitching, but his own ego got him caught up.
    One night during a cry on my shoulder moment, I straight out asked her. "Why do you continue to chase a dude that is dycking down other chicks and ain't even trying to hide it?" She looked at me through tear streaked mascara and said, "He got nine inches."
    Put on my journalist cap and found out from the other "suckers" that they all agreed. The only reason they put up with his trifling shyt was that he packed it long and deep.
    I took into account that we were all in out late teens and early twenties. I admit that my sex game was truly lacking back in the day (still writing apology letters to a few girls), but when you haven't had Kobe beef, you think a Big Mac is the end all be all. Maybe this broad was a victim of the 9 inch theory. Still makes me want to box her damn ears.