Allegedly male enhancement drug caused penis to fracture and spurt blood.

A Texas man claims a supplement promising to increase sexual pleasure caused him excruciating pain during intercourse — so great that his penis allegedly fractured, squirted blood and required an operation that messed with his manhood, according to a lawsuit.

The Aug. 27 complaint said Adrian Carter, 29, experienced “significant pain and observed a large quantity of blood squirting out of his penis onto the sheets, walls and mirror” during a Houston motel romp last year, reported Thursday.

The nightmarish scenario apparently wasn’t over: He went to an emergency room where doctors decided to “deglove” his penis — wherein the skin was removed to repair the urethra because it had “separated completely,” the suit said.

Following surgery, he had to urinate using a catheter and was warned by doctors that he may never have an erection again or father children, Courthouse News Service reported.

The suit faults the maker of VirilisPro, the “all natural” supplement that Carter said he took before meeting his “paramour.”

VirilisPro’s website says it increases sexual performance and “penile hardness,” lasting for up to three days.

The product — which retails for $59.99 a bottle — is made “with only natural ingredients to prevent harmful side effects,” according to its manufacturer.

Listed among its ingredients are epimedium, panax ginseng and Lycium Chinese.

New Jersey-based drug maker Haute Health LLC couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.

Carter is seeking unspecified monetary damages, including for medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

“It was pretty horrific to view the pictures,” Carter’s attorney, Melissa Moore, told “I know it sounds unusual … He was young and healthy and on no other meds at the time he took the supplement.”

But some medical experts aren’t convinced he could have suffered such anguish from a pill.

Dr. Jeff Carney, chief of urology at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, told that while a penis can become fractured during sex, he’s never heard of “anyone being put at a higher risk for fracture because of a prescription or an herbal drug.”

“When a man breaks his penis it can be very scary,” Carney added. “I believe he took this story and spiced it up.” [source]

Soooooo is any one else sitting there right now grabbing at their genitals whilst imagining the pain and saying: ” ooooooo daaaaamn ssshlllllllllllll ouch!” Oh just me? ok then…. because this foolishness here is just painful and disturbing to say the absolute LEAAAAST. The leaaaast.

Every time I see those ads on the porn sites about sexual enhancement, penis enlargements etc etc, I’m always thinking:” This is some ol boolshyt I bet.” But I have neverrrrrrr imagined that it would leave a fool with a cracked and blood spurting jibby. Not in a million years!! DAMN THIS! They seriously need to add such things on the warning label because regardless of how minute the possibility, I feel it necessary to know that in 1 out of 2 million cases, a jibby has been known to split down the middle  and scurry off in two different directions. Waiting to hunt you down at night n what not.

I damn well should be warned about whatever drug you are asking me to buy might make my penis hunt me like i’m from District 12 n ish.

Just saying.


Thanks to Kenneth for the send in.

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  1. MrsHTA says

    The product — which retails for $59.99 a bottle — is made “with only natural ingredients to prevent harmful side effects,” according to its manufacturer.
    Well I think we've discovered a side effect….

    29, healthy and doesn't take any other medications, why was he taking a supplement? Trying to last longer and stay harder and now you won't be able to get hard ever again.

  2. Zan says

    SBTS…shouldn't have been TAKING shyt.

    I don't think it was the pills, though…I think ole' girl got too happy about the exxxtra hardness and shyt and went TOO hard (pun intended) and broke his shyt….it's been known to happen, but I've never heard of blood coming out of a fractured penis, though.

    • Da Roach says

      Preeach… but I'm gonna chalk it up to being young and dumb and full of cum.

      Dude you 29…and athough past your peak ( mutha na sure has a sense of humor)- are far from out to pasture.You screwed up homey big time.

      Now ladies any of us guys have been there (probably you ladies too)… you want that "all nite long action". But the body isnt made for that…oh trust me. I went almost 6 hours of straight like i was drilling for oil back in my mid 20's-till nothing was coming out but hopes and dreams and IOU's.
      We were both way beyond sore and didnt have sex for over a week…that was the end of that talk.

      • blu4577 says

        Man that all night is overrated but I keep hearing that 15-20mins is the "norm" and that shit is depressing

    • TroyPowers says

      Look…I've had some hard sessions in my life. I've had the occasional, "Owww, you bent my shit!" But, GOTDAMN, what would you have to be doing in order to:

      1) break your dick
      2) have blood spurting all on the walls and ceiling
      3) make the doctors have to SKIN YOUR PENIS in order to fix it?

      I never, ever, NEVER want any pussy that good…or bad, whichever the case may be.

  3. TroyPowers says

    Man, so I'm watching Piranha 3DD last night (great flick, by the way, if you're into cheesy b-movies with plenty titties-a-shakin') and there's a scene where a broad has a piranha…in her pussy. Unsuspecting young man goes to tap that ass, and ends up with a carnivorous fish all gnawing on the end of his dick. Blood squirting EVERYWHERE! Dude ends up grabbing a kitchen knife and straight lopping his tool off to get the fish off his junk. If you could have seen me lying in the fetal position, one hand over my mouth, the other placed protectively on penis…I was disturbed.

  4. says

    I feel bad for the chick, too…
    She will probably now only have slow, missionary position sex only to have babies.

    • LurkinHoneyBooBooRex says

      You say "slow, missionary position sex" like it's a bad thing.

      See, this right here is how bytches end up getting tied up, needles going places sharp objects ain't no gat dam bidness being, n!ggas gettin' beat like runaway slaves, gat dam erections gettin' broke like Saruman's staff some shyt…all because we done had so much sex that "slow, missionary position sex" is like a punishment.

      This is how bytches end up eatin' frog eyeballs some shyt, cuz they had too much gat dam steak-azz-steak. Steak got boring. I mean, DAYum…

      Let Christina Hendricks tell me, "Lookit, Lurk. I'm finna let you hit it, but only while I'm on my back with my heels to Jesus."


      That'd be the best fo'-an-a-half minutes of her LIFE, man…

  5. DiamondDivaCee says

    I'm just mad that they quoted the Dr. from Grady Hospital in ATL…probably one of the worst hospitals in Atl…at least it was the last time I lived there. SMH. Po man…trying to go for the gold, now he's a permanent bronze. Very valuable lesson can be learned here fellas…don't lie on the dack and you won't need penii exploding supplements.

  6. ChiDiva says

    I used to work for an herbal pharmacutical company that specialized in''perfomance enhancers'',and I can tell you,some of the shyt they sell is not to be played with.

  7. Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

    never heard of this enhancement pill. sometimes…it's better to go head and dish out that extra cash for the good shyt if you're gonna go that route. better brush up on those oral skills.

  8. Damelo Suave says

    What in all that's holy was he doing to not only have a dack fracture (I know those can happen with especially vigorous sex), but the spurt blood like a geyser AND have his daggone penis skinned?! Maybe HKS can explain this one…

  9. Reshit says

    For example, one study in Singapore found that 77% of so-called natural sex supplements on the market contained undeclared pharmaceutical drugs, often in higher-than-recommended doses.

    male sex supplement