Road rage causes two dudes to whoop each other’s a$$. Bloody. Then shake hands.

The running joke and stereotype about men is that we can kick and fight and beta each other’s ass one minute, and then when it’s over… go right back to friends.

Well…. that ish is true azz true amongst real men.  Punks jump up and get guns or come back shooting up shyt.

A real man gives or takes an azz whooping… and at the end… be done with it.


like this….

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  • Damelo Suave

    Oh, he's a poosy, but YO punkpoosythudnercatazz is tryna not to draw attention to your recording so you won't get a beatdown? Welp.

  • Lo – Kei

    Man Harold & Kumar knew better than that.. They just need to go ahead to White Castle and get something to eat.

    • Twink

      Mmmm…White Castle

      • DeeBeeR

        You don't know…. the closest one may be 4 hrs away… and I have debated MANY times to make that road trip….

        • Twink

          May I never know that struggle. You should make that trip. And then buy some for the road

          • DeeBeeR

            Look, baby Beelz… don't tempt!

            • Rainbowsprinkles2

              its worth it, just think your tummy will thank you and you prpbably spend more time than that in line if you shop wal-mart ijs

        • Damelo Suave

          Some stores sell them in the frozen food section now…

    • queensgirl1960

      Did someone mention the castle.. perked up right away..

  • Nerdprincess80

    This could have only been improved by them pulling the annoying twunts that were filming it out of their car and giving them an epic beatdown.

  • fineazell1

    So many people, so little ability to fight.

  • Pete Schweddy _T

    I saw some full guard and some ground and pound attempts. Somebody has been watching MMA reruns on Saturday mornings.

    I do like the fact that they shook afterward. That's old school.

  • blu4577

    They were both stressed as hell! Tjat cave man built up in their system. I bet that was the best day in their lives and they went home and laid pipe on their women!

  • hautie

    I love it when men attempt to fight… by kicking at each other like two 6 year old girls… [youtube 2aMkcOzFbQM youtube]

    That fight scene always crack me up. I love when grown men kick at each other!

    And those two fools above look just as goofy fighting…

  • LibraBaby

    They wrapped that fight up quick when a spectator mentioned the police.. I definitely wasn't expecting the handshake at the end. Judge me, but road rage fights (except the ones that end bad) will always be funny to me. Keith Hodge's experience with road rage was frickin' hilarious!
    [youtube iIEEoCn0tK4 youtube]

    • blu4577

      Their accents throw me the hell off. Not what you expect from their looks

      • marsramares

        They don't have accents. They sound exactly like West Coast cats. (I have always felt that the lighter the skin out west the more Urban people feel they need to be. Ex. Huey Newton, Angela Davis, Ice T, SugaFree, etc.)

        • blu4577

          Even if true that would still be classified as an "accent." Those are NOT… I repeat NOT Cali accents. They are southern accents. They live in Cali now but they are from Baton Rouge, La

  • Unca_Ruckus

    The real animals were hooting and hollering in the car. I'm shocked they only screamed "WorldStar" once or twice.