Musical MFK — 9/12/2012 (Come Get Your Kids!)


Wednesday’s back, which means it’s time for MFK!

We’ve all played the “M.F.K” game before — where you take three names and decide which one to marry, which one gets you all hot and bothered, and which one has to die?

Well this is exactly the same, except with music. I give you three songs, and all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell tell me which one you LOVE, which one you want to fugg, and which one sleeps with the fishes.

Of course, we’re always looking for reader submissions — so if there’s a track you heard and you kinda like it, or you seriously love it, or you absolutely HATE IT — find a YouTube and email me the link and I’ll post it up here as soon as I can.

This week we got a handful of reader submissions and emails — interestingly enough from several OHN parents who wanted me to check out music from their kids or close relatives. A lot of proud moms out there wanting to make sure their sons and daughters chase their dreams or at least have a chance to do something they love.

And it got me to thinking about how we’ll always have young boy bands like New Edition — but every now and then you’ll also get actual kid emcees trying to break through. And whether it’s Kriss Kross or Juvenile or even Another Bad Creation, it’s hard not to wonder if the reason it gets publicity is because it’s actually good, or just because it’s cute.

Hard to say for sure, but I decided to put it to the test this week. We’ve got young rappers who try to bank on their cuteness, young rappers who rely on their lyrics and flow, and a group that works a little of both.

Remember, some of these videos were self produced, so try not to hold the quality of the visuals against them (this is about the music, after all) — but lets find out what you guys think.

And remember, even if you like the songs — you HAVE TO CHOOSE!


Baby Kaely — Hunt Them Down

A-Prob and Problem Child — Dead Presidents

Y.N.RichKids — Hot Cheetos and Takis


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  1. WanderBoi says

    I thought Hex was getting fired yesterday?

    IDK…this was a hard one because I can't stand children singing. I find their voices to be grating! I'm that one person who will NOT go to a child's christmas concert just so I won't be subjected to their monotone whiny caterwauling.

    So the first and the third vid would be killed. Shot all up in their pre-pubescent faces. Not just for their voice, but also for the ghetto paint by numbers stock beat in their videos.

    Boff the 2nd vid….cause he's young and it would be over quickly so I can go about my life.

    • says

      I definitely know what you mean, especially when they lean on it like it's a selling point. That's why that first video drives me up the wall.

      But the hot Cheetos one makes me smile, even though I'll probably be sick of it in a week.

      And not for nothing, but I was really surprised at how much I liked the vibe of the second video, despite it's rough edges.

  2. bigginsrus says

    I would marry hot cheetos and takis. Gotta love some kids that aren't trying to be street and slutty…
    Little high pitched dude w/the dookie braids, probably need to go head and give that up w/his 5 head but I would support the little tikes!

    I would F the second one only because I wouldn't kill it. Didn't watch only listened so I don't know what they were doing in this video.

    the first one, the blue wig and all, we don't need a baby Nicki in the world.

  3. marsramares says

    I would marry Dead Presidents but would immediately start trying to change the little things I don't like.
    I would friend Hot Cheetos and Takis but not invite them to my house cause they seem to have a few issues.
    I would kill Hunt Them Down for the lack of bars and the Frooty Loops beats.

  4. Damelo Suave says

    Seeing as I don't want Chris Hansen or CPS coming after me, Imma switch it up a lil:

    Adoption: Baby Kaely – cuz she's so cute! That beat is older than the dust on Slaus' head tho…

    Take for ice cream: Hot Cheetos & Takis — never heard of Takis, but I guess they're good. They're having fun & are still kids, so I like that

    Spanking & wash out mouth w/soap: Problem Child. I have an issue w/hearing kids curse…and all that N-word, bytch, & all that murked my spirit.

    • marsramares says

      Takis are a cone shaped corn chip that only come in Hot, Fire, and Lava Azz. They put kid crack in them because my children will shank a heffa for coming to close to the bag even though I don't like Takis.

  5. CaraQ301 says

    Gets to play video games: The 3rd video was cute! But why that lil boy with the braids hairline in the middle of his head?!!!

    Need a nap: Baby Kaely

    Punishment: A-prob though he may have talent.

  6. says

    [Emm] Baby Kaely — Hunt Them Down: I can't kill lil chirrens, so….yeah.
    [Eff] Y.N.RichKids — Hot Cheetos and Takis: SNACK…SNACK…SNACK…CRUNCH!
    [Kay] A-Prob and Problem Child — Dead Presidents: 1st half was better than average. 2nd half…naw. Killed it for me.

  7. future_rmc_phd says

    Is Taki's the new hood snack for 2012 like Homegirls and Chumpies Brand Chips were for me….man I still love those chips. Every time i'm in Philly, I find a local hood store to get a bag of Chumpies.