Say Something Nice – ‘Because I just refuse to’ edition

I quit ALL OF YOU folks darker than a paper bag ( twink n Tracy included though) 0ver this. All of you!!!!!

Can you count every ratchet-azz thing going on in this picture???

Chick looks like a Bad decision….go large on that.

When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  • COA

    Ratchet thing one…she looks familiar as fugg.

    • Jonesey

      Looks like Lil'Kim ATE Nicki Minaj and then some.

  • Twink

    Something nice: she has the confidence of everyone in the gatdamn world.

    This bish has no friends, though.

    • Damelo Suave

      That ish is coonfidence – ain't nothing confident about it

      • PureSexy


        I'm soooo working this into a conversation somewhere somehow in the next 7 days.

  • Les

    I couldn't look at it long enough to count the ratchet.

  • Lo – Kei

    Nicki Minaj no good sister … Icky Minaj

    • Les


    • TracyTrips

      Icky got a couple of Starships that need to be repaired.

      • Hex

        Those aren't moons, they're space stations!

  • Nerdprincess80

    Are those LACE LEGGINGS?!?!?!?!

    • WanderBoi

      IH8CHU! I scrolled back up to look.



    Oh…but think of the wonderful example she sets for her children.

  • The Lurkasaurus Rex

    Say something nice…

    Someone just won a lifetime Defense Department contract, to make uniforms for our troops…

    …because whatever that black shyt this ol' buffa-rilla is wearing? The load limit for that fabric is gat DAYum

  • Pete Schweddy _T

    Something Nice:

    Her hair wouldn't look as good on another women, and her forehead would be more noticeable.

  • Hex

    How in the hell is that zipper holding together!?

    [youtube YGwYj4AqB6Q youtube]

  • Cher_Bear

    Slaus, YOU and all the mens are the problem. Y'all always wanna see some titties. You always wanna see some big titties. Well here go some big titties, ready to be seen and now YOU don't wanna see them. LOOK.AT.THEM.DAMMIT!Y'all don't get to stipulate good letters and bad letters. Like I like D and I like G, but I don't like K. Making the ish all complicated.

    This Overly Tanned Anna Nicole Smith b*tch is a thing of beautificence! Her breasteses are shaped like those old school teardrop earrings from the early 90s. As for her lacefront, look it's difficult to master the lacefront. I mean it is a struggle with the glue and the tape and those of us with big ole wide swaths of forehead don't make it no better. See I'm nice . . . gimme my prize now Or else I'ma say she looks like Slaus in drag 3 Sundays AFTER Halloween working on Michigan Avenue for Gamestop cards.

    • Slausito Ramirez.

      less talking and more boobs

  • DaGroovy1

    Where tha' hayle did she find a puka shell necklace? I haven't seen one of those since junior high school.

  • TracyTrips
    • Cher_Bear

      OMG! I do that too

  • BiZZaro_Child

    Only the power of One Ring could hold that together. [youtube Iz-8CSa9xj8 youtube]

  • Lately25

    Something Nice:

    I'm glad that lock on that zipper seems to be made by deadbolt, otherwise we'd all be blind from that view!

    <img src="; id="il_fi" height="383" width="510" style="padding-right: 8px; padding-top: 8px; padding-bottom: 8px; ">

    • Marina Lasanya

      dead as a doornail at that jpeg!!

    • letinstar

      al bundy and i stand together on this…

  • OHNCantTakeIt

    That ring holding that um….fabric together deserves a gold medal.

  • Damelo Suave

    So am I the only who thought if this?

    <img src=""&gt;

  • msvonnz

    Is that extra strap a purse? Is she reaally trying to wear a purse across her body. And late leggings? I quit.

  • Shade5150



  • Bubba Renaldo Garcia
  • CaspercutieSTL

    >_< Just because it's in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.

    • That_Chick

      Oooo that is not "her" size! Lol

      More like just because you can put it on doesn't mean you should wear it!

  • mysstea

    Something nice: Although her bewbs are the size of my entire body, they don't appear to be stretch marked.

  • Kat_Coll

    She is the best "DON'T EVER FVCKING DO THIS. EVER EVER EVER!" example I've seen so far…