Sh*t Slaus hates about: Interracial Relationships

Slaus is very opinionated and likes to rant about random things. Things which most other people may not even care about… but it won’t stop his fat-headed self from doing it anyway. Remember that “Sh*t SLaus Hates”  are his opinions and his opinions alone….Not that of the OHN staff.

Pssssh if you know me, you know good and damn well that this post isn’t about to be a tirade which goes on and on about how much I hate Interracial relationship.  Hell, I’ve been in mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny of them my damn self and has a Blond aunt whom I adore and still threatens to beat my azz to this day. Even if she is only 3 apples high.

Hate on interracial relationships? HELL to the no. I’m not even about such nonsense and if you are, bytch drink bleach and get yourself some real issues to worry about. Jive Turkey ho!

I don’t hate any type of love. But what I DO hate are people who get into interracial relationships due to some ol boolshyt reasons as well  as all of the nonsense around it. Matter of fact, here are all the things I hate about Interracial relationships.

I mean.. I had hearrrd..Asian girls have really small tight ones… what can I say?

1). Dudes who claim their is a sexual difference between XYZ race of chick. “I like white girls because they are nastier in bed. They always swallow, always ready to lick on a  jibby and..and just nastier in the sack in general.”  or “I like Asian chicks because their vagina is tighter, dude.”  Are you effing kidding me!??? WHO made up these gatdamn vaginal legends that other fools have come to believe! There are Black women who swallow semen without issue and there are plenty of white women who will set the bed on fire rather than taste cock-snot.  Plenty. In 2012 there are no damn differences between a woman’s vagina in any damn racial group. NO Asian women don’t have tighter slanted vaginas! A Vagina is a vagina and each one is different in appearance, size, flavour and ability to satisfy. There is no damn difference, you silly b*tch. Cept for Latin chicks…..they don’t know how to stfu in bed. And Japanese chicks IN japan always make those annoying strangled cat sounds during a dicking. Other than that… no difference.

2). “All Black men who like white women only do so because they are weak and can’t deal with a strong woman.” – No… they just don’t want YOUR ignant azz, hooker.  You can’t make blanket ass blanket statement like that about everyone and then act like it is fact.  OK I don ti often I will admit but when I do it it’s because ….. ok bunk it.. it’s wrong when I do it also.   Still, stfu for me.  Maybe see what it is about you that is Kyptonite to brothers. Ganch. Then again… these dudes ( and others like them) coming up next piss me off………

3).  The people who want folks purely because they are of XYZ race.


I know some white women who say they ONLY find Black men attractive and no one else. And I know Black dudes who think they have found the Holy grail of hoes purely because she lacks melanin. These people I don’t understand and I kind of find them to be creepy as hell.  How do you not find anyone of your own race to be attractive? I don’t get it at all! Now true I think there is something RAWR about Asian and Indian women. A beautiful Indian chick makes a man want to eat fruit that his God told him not to! Still…. how sick would it be to be attracted to someone JUST because they were of that race. That’s weird… sick.. and creepy. I know a white woman is so attracted to brothers that she once dated a fool who looked like a cross between Yaphet Koto and Shaba Ranks.  And he wasn’t even a NICE dude at that!!!!  Just like I also knew a guy who had a serious thing for Latinas….even if the heffa looked like she crossed the border underground by chewing through rocks and rivers. OK that was racist….but it was funny, fool. Broad looked like she burrowed for fun. AND she was mean!! But I didn’t say anything…all Latin women haves knives and they stab people because it’s Tuesday. What? It’s not racist when it’s true!

4). People who hate a celebrity or other person PURELY because he is with someone of a different race.  – Black women and Racist white dudes take the cake with this one.  Did you know that white porn actresses who do interracial porn make less money than ones who won’t do interracial? Like seriously….. There are porn ‘actresses’ who won’t do interracial because they don’t want to piss off their fans. Like…. this whore makes money for being able to open her anus easily, but she has to draw the line at interracial because of what her fans might think of her………. yeah let that marinate.

Then there are some black women  that…that just… it’s crazy. A handful of heffas reading this right now can’t stand Taye Diggs for any other reason than he is married to Idina Menzel.  I AM NOT LYING. I guaranteeeeeeee you!!!   I remember getting into it with this bass-mouth b*tch once in regards to Taye Diggs. She said she couldn’t stand him because he was yet another famous Black man who had to “get him a white girl.” I explained to her that in fact Taye and Idina had been together since they were both broke ass broke starring in Rent, to which even in the face of facts and examples, trout-face tramp couldn’t let go of her anger to the point she just confessed: “I don’t like him because he is another good Black man with a white woman.” To which i just exited the conversation. Because you can’t speak logic to illogical people. Please believe that I’m not making this up. These women who do this, DO exist.  It might be you. And thus you are a c*nt.

5). People who feel the need to tell people born of interracial relationships, that they have to pick one race…mostly Black.  THIS…. is my biggest pet peeve ever in regards to interracial relationships. Stop getting angry when Bi-racial people don’t want to be placed in the box YOU think they should be placed in. B*tch they are literally BI-Racial… who the hell are YOU to tell them what they have to be or what they should call themselves like the blood of one of their parents means more or less than the other. That’s the dumbest sh*t in the history of dumb sh*ts. It doesn’t mean they think they are ‘better’ than the group YOU want them to identify with, it may mean that…. ya know… they are what they are!! Sftu with that other nonsense.  B*tch get some business. That kind of mentally-stunted thinking is dumb as f**k an only people dumb as f**k believe otherwise….yeah I said it. smoke it. love it.

What also gets me is that fools always want to quote the ‘One drop rule’ like the sh*t is valid. are you going to pick and choose which racist sh*t you are going to accept and which you aren’t. Because if the same damn people who made the one-drop rule had said they had irrefutable evidence that xyz group was genetically stupid-ass-stupider(not a word) than lmnop group, those same b*tches would be crying racism. B*tch you can’t ‘fake-christian’ this sh*t.. you can’t pick and choooooose whats a sin and what isn’t. You can’t pick and choooose what racist foolishness you are going to side with and which you are going to whine about.

That is nonsense.


In the end, why people love who they love is none of MY business and it is none of yours.  It has nothing to do with you or I because neither you or I are in-line to date that person.. we don’t pay their bills..etc etc

Get out of their business.

Take your silly-self down to Bank of America, get a loan and get yourself a Storefront on 4th ave so you can get some business of your own.

Feel free to be offended and post your rebuttals below. Please remember to do so because you feel you have a legitimate counter-point and not because you want me to actually give a f*gg because I’ll just inform you that:



When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.


  1. shewearsblack says

    And Japanese chicks IN japan always make those annoying strangled cat sounds during a dicking. Other than that… no difference.

    I. LIVE!

  2. ChiDiva says

    Me and the HUBBY both have had people stop talking to us since we got Married last year,small town even smaller minds.He's kinda sensitive about that kind of stuff ,but me?Cry 2 tears in a bucket,fvck it,I could really care less.but I have to admit in the past,I had a problem with BM/WW relationships because the ones**EYE* knew of personally were soley based on skin color,not content .morals or character.That's what I still have an issue with,One's that will date and accept anything just because they are any shade different from you.

  3. Tracie T-Dawg Smith says

    You've been waiting for days to use that picture. I have some things to add, but Imma wait a bit, while I ruminate some more.

    • Tracie T-Dawg Smith says

      Ok, after turning my final for web design (Oh thank GODS!!!), and having some coffee-This was well written, and made me giggle in some places and think in others. 😀

  4. DaBlackGeisha says

    IRT #4
    Did you just tell me who I don't like cause of who I am…? Generalize much?
    I hate Taye Diggs cause he's doing Idina and I wanna have sex with her voice… Just like I hate Idina cause she's doing Taye and I wanna have sex with his self.

  5. OHNCantTakeIt says

    I hollered at this ENTIRE post. You won't be able to convince certain folks that how they feel might be wrong…and that they might need to look at their own damn insecurities/fears/brainwashed childhood for the source.

    I only get amused these days if someone looks at me and Fubsy sideways. One lady from my old church congratulated me on my wedding, then added: "He's one of us, right?" I could only grin my azz off and reply "No ma'am, he's as pale as they come" and watch the confusion get stuck in her eyes before she gave me best wishes again and departed. The fact that you have the time to worry about what I do in my life only means that you have too much energy to expend and you need a hobby. Whoo, I love the human race.

    And when I say I love the human race…..I barely tolerate the human race.

  6. says

    … basically.
    I won't lie – I have a strong preference for 'outside' men, but that's all it is. A subjective preference. It's not based on supposed behaviour or physical trait XYZ, it's a matter of my personal taste. I don't need "reasons".
    You dig straight, I dig curly. You go crazy over green eyes, I like to get lost in dark ones. You like strawberry, I like chocolate. You enjoy soccer, I'm into football.
    I'm neither proud nor ashamed because that's just what it is.
    And IF I fall head over heels for an awesome character with an interesting personality and mutual interests… he may just as well accidentally be an overlength milky white stick figure with blue eyes after all. Has happened. I did not care, because in the end IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER.

  7. FubsyNumbles says

    What a load of nonsense.

    Any individual in an interracial relationship is clearly diluting their racial heritage. Bad enough from a person of non-alabaster skin. But for those of us fortunate, nay – gilded enough to bear the mark of whiteness upon their flesh tone, to dilute one's racial lineage? Never, I say, sir – never!

    ::Hand Lady C some Venetian Ceruse…..::

  8. Bunny says

    That fact that anyone cares still amazes me. I am answering to not one. I am explaining to zero.
    NOW…I will admit to being occasionally guilty of #4 (not hating but a reflexive side-eye)…even as I look over into the blue eyes of my own partner in life. but I am also the first to admit I am 50 shades of crazy and foully wrong…when it occurs. No excuses just me and wrongness being friendly.

    • says

      " I am 50 shades of crazy and foully wrong…when it occurs. No excuses just me and wrongness being friendly."

      as lonnnnng as you know you are on some boolshyt though, doll. long as youuuu know and don't try to front like you are in the right like some folks.

      • Bunny says

        LOL..naww Papi…Im just being honest. I can not front with my home being the definition of the rainbow coalition. my crazy keeps it real even when its wrong.*

  9. WanderBoi says

    Anyone who has an issue with inter racial relationships need to have a whole row of seats and look inside their small minds and insignificant lives as to why they give two fuggs about what other people are doing.

  10. SiggyLuz says

    Maaaan, I think interracial relationships are awesome…, that I'm older. When I was younger (and still living in Haiti) all that made sense for me is for a black Haitian woman, to be with a black Haitian man. And yes, there are other color Haitians in the country, I didn't care for them.

    When I permanently moved up here I just had to get with the program. Now even though I still have love for my haitian brothers, I looove my Black Americans, Africans, Cubans, Caucasian….I don't discriminate, because everyone is just beautiful.
    My only thing is with Indian and Asian men….they just dont fall in my basket of preferences. But yes, intereracial is a beautiful thing.

  11. yaya120 says

    "all Latin women haves knives and they stab people because it’s Tuesday."

    Imma need you to stop putting people up on game. I thrive on the element of surprise. i lure them with my eyebrows, wait till they sleep then…..

  12. Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

    #2 always hits home. i get tired of that one. i will hear from mostly the black females i know mad to see a total stranger with a white woman. don't know that dude so why does it matter? 2. if he was single..doesn't mean he'd date your trifling ass or that you would even notice him if not for who he's with now. 3. how are YOU going to tell someone else who THEY can be in a relationship with based on color. i don't care if someone dates a purple midget alien…if that alien makes you happy, you have my support 100%. sucks because we are quick to throw a race card but we seem to do/say a lot of racist crap ourselves.

  13. cakes_and_pies says

    If we're not f****g me, I don't care who you're f***g.
    Besides, it's all pink on the inside anyway.

  14. BarefootandPreggoCee says

    The ooooonly issue that I have with IRs is the same thing that Slaus said…when it's for some boolshyt reason. I've heard them all, "black women don't treat their men right", "black women do this", "white girls do this", "white men do that"…rabble rabble rabble. The only other thing that irks me is when a Black dude is with an…interesting looking white chick and goes out looking for black chicks to have on the side…won't date us but you'll fugg us though? Word? Other than that, do you. Hell my son was almost a bunch of awesome Dutch and Blackness…*sigh*

  15. says

    "Japanese chicks IN japan always make those annoying strangled cat sounds during a dicking"

    Once I got my concentration back from that line and was actually able to focus, this was a great rant. You definitely got a couple of high fives here, and made a bunch of people get together with their friends to cuss you out over lunch. Your work is done here, put on your cape and fly off to your next mission.

  16. RedladyRae says

    Well, I guess it's time for me to rise from my depths below to chime in.

    I am a black woman, married to a white man straight from Portland, Oregon. I love interracial relationships. I love love. People can see who they want to see, without the rest of the earth's population chiming in and saying something. I don't want to hear any crap about blood lines being kept pure, especially from black folks. Everyone has a diluted blood line at some point in their genealogy. Get out my face with that.
    You should see the loss we get when we walk around together sometimes. It's gotten worse since I've been noticeably pregnant. Mostly it's the older white people that stare. Seriously, if you feel the need to have a problem with our union, take it up with God, and see how fat that gets you. Don't discriminate. Get a life, so something else can occupy your time.

    And black women (not all but some) stop asking if he's hung like a horse. That is none of your business. I'm with him because of character, not length or girth, even though I'm very satisfied.

  17. SWFLTransplant says

    I hate when folks say "oh you only date white women", etc. No, I date who I am around the most. Where I'm from, the bootheel MO, 1. I'm related to basically everybody within wind distance. So that eradicates pretty much everybody but the white folks. 2. When we moved, I dated a few black chicks (no I'm not saying all are like this, just the ones I encountered in mid-MO) they were either crazy as hell, 1 so crazy we literally dated 1 week. 7 days. They cheated, 1 was busted out to me by her dad, were "bout dat lyfe" (sorry, I am not about that life), or were "too good for me". 1 I was talking to, thank goodness no skins were busted, come to find out we were related. Having said that, even at mizzou, I wasn't really around a whole lot of black folks, except for the stuff I had to do for my minority scholarship. And I didn't like that b/c I felt the black folks were segregating themselves from the rest of the campus. Even running track, wasn't a whole lot of black chicks. Classes, not a lot of black chicks. My dorm, not a lot of black chicks. Work, not a lot of black chicks. So I dated who I was around. Mostly white. Bottom line is, I go where I'm wanted. If you got a phat booty, half way decent personality and some intelligence, it's on and cracking. The end.

    • Leftyzphone says

      Dude, I went to CMSU at Warrensburg, full on punk rock and people were wondering why half the time I was hanging out with black chicks. Duh, I liked them and got along with them. But it was more of a commuter school than mizzou so I could go home or to KC.

      • SWFLTransplant says

        CMSU. Wow. Great memories from that place!!!!!!!! Had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun when I road tripped up there!

  18. aliciapdx says

    I had a damn College Professor with a goddan MA, JD, a speaker, an author, the first women to get Supreme Court media credentials and most importantly and someone who should know better say in a class called "Ethic Studies" say about Obama regarding Michelle (circa 2006/7 so pre-nomination) "at least she's black."

    Since I have no shame, and being I launched a few formal complaints in college about her here she is =

  19. The Lurkasaurus Rex says

    Real talk.

    I was blessed to meet my wife here in Korea. She's all about us living in the States, so I've been tryna warn her about some of the boolshyt she might run into once we get back…and one of the conversations we had was about interracial relationships.

    Me: Baby, when we get back home, don't be surprised if people give either you or me the side-eye. Some folks, not errbody, but some folks have a problem with seeing a black man with a white woman.

    Her: (exact quote, as Gawd is my witness) I ain't white. I'm Russian!

    I pity the fool that tries to determine her identity for her…

  20. MicchiDawn says

    My other half is Korean. The most annoying thing I get asked (in Korea, in America, in the Bahamas) is: "How do y'all have sex?" "Isn't it really small?" "I watched a porn and it was small as hell…" "Why are you with him??" So porn is the Wikipedia of how big it really is these days? Well damn have I got a big scary surprise for you then!!

    He is the quiet one I am the mouthy one. What he cannot say I will. I love him for who he is, we are an awesome bundle of trouble when we are together! And OH YES does he let me express myself!

  21. Unca_Ruckus says

    Being a military brat, I've dated the entire rainbow. Germans, Czech, Yugoslavian, Japanese, and Gambian. Each woman had the one special thing I liked about them, but color wasn't it. I remember in a college film class when a female presented "Jungle Fever" as her project. The "Hmmphs", lip-smacking, and neck rolling was in full effect every time Flipper was giving the good one to the Italian secretary. (disclaimer; I was in a HBCU) The funny part of the while scenario was that none of these "strong, independent, Black wimmen" even noticed how Spike slipped in the IR couples in which the male was White. I had to point it out. If you have a good head on your shoulders, want to better your status in life, no matter how bad karma has kicked you in the azz, and don't clap your hands to emphasize a point, then we can do thangs. Color struck need not apply.

  22. queensgirl1960 says

    My youngest brother only dates spanish women, my older brother married a german, I could care less, but they both gave weak ass excuses whomever makes you happy, i could give a flyin phuck life ya life. I know my preference and that's all that matters.