SSC: Before you die, you…

Death the great equalizer. In Western cultures we don’t pay death the respect that death deserves. As such, we spend most of our lives ignoring the guaranteed final outcome to besiege us all. We hope that by in some form ignoring death we will prolong our lives and consider it unfortunate when death comes knocking all to suddenly.

We do this to the extent that we are “shocked”, “amazed”, and even proclaim the “unexpected” death of our elders who are well into their death years (90plus).

Folk has lived much of Folk’s life with death at Folk’s door. Watching. Waiting. Taking relatives, friends, associates quickly and rapidly. Somewhat leaving Folk to question, when is that day coming? When will it be Folk’s time?

As such, Folk embraced death. Death became Folk’s friend to motivate, to inspire, to push Folk to embrace life for all that it is because death is truly certain. But like many, Folk feel into the western trap and began ignoring death. Time became too precious for work. Don’t have time to eat right. Sleep long. Exercise. Gonna die one day so might as well enjoy this ::insert fvcked up bad western greasy azz food of choice::

But no longer, no more… Folk refuse to live in the shadow of Folk’s own delusions. So Folk challenges you today to join in and complete the following statement and reflect on what it is in life that you really, really, really want to do. Because life ain’t about byotches, blowjobs, big daycks, bad relationships, flashy jewelry, expensive cars, fvcked up food, or what ever method of diversion you use to convince yourself that death isn’t watching and waiting…

Before I die, I want to ___________

In Folk’s case, Before Folk dies, Folk wants to be a better husband and son – travel to Japan, South Korea, Paris, London, and Australia (and maybe China) – Learn a second language fluently – get back into photography – have a healthy child of Folk’s own (Folk still hurting from the loss of lil Folk) – establish a scholarship trust in Folk’s grandfather’s name (Folk could have done this a long time ago, just let bullshyt and bad past relationships and excuses get in the way of this) – and get back into a healthy shape and stay in a healthy shape.

As simple and as small as Folk’s list is, it is rather complex and revealing. Will take dedication and attention. But ultimately this is what’s at the heart of Folk’s being. Folk loves to learn and values education, Folk loves the beauty of life, Folk values the close relationships that Folk has as a husband and child, and Folk really would like to fvck up the world one more generation with Folkness!

So this Sunday, decide. Choose you this day, what it is you most want to do or accomplish before you die and post your response up in the comments.

Share this post with your friends via bookface. Discuss this topic with your loved ones and children. Remember that if you do nothing you will die having not lived! And currently there are too many people dying having not lived.

Truthfully, the “things” that we really want when you’re facing death isn’t those superficial things that we used to cover up the true things that our hearts and souls are crying out for….

It can be one or it can be many, but YOU have to declare what that is and Folk wants you to live to strive for those things. Therefore when death comes for you, you can embrace death gracefully knowing that you have lived not only for yourself but for the experience of what life has offered uniquely to you.

da-eum sigankkaji – Folk


  1. ChiDiva says

    I pondered this just this morning,We had a death by suicide last night involving A man I used to work with but My hubby still works in that hell hole so He spoke with him everyday.The most important things I want before I die is to make sure both of my Children are in stable,loving relationships and my 3 grandmunchkins' Educations are paid for so their parents won't have to worry about it.I always live each day like it's going to be my last,I stay in an upbeat mood so if I do keel over all of a sudden,people's last memory of me will be''Damn that Bytch was fun to be around,ol' chain smokin' ignant heffa.''

  2. bigginsrus says

    Before I die, I want to ___________
    a: Finish my education to set an example for my children that it's never too late
    b: Buy a house to leave to my children
    c: Live debt free
    d: Travel
    e: Be under 200 lbs
    f: have my own business

  3. OHNCantTakeIt says

    I really don't know if I can answer that. I stopped having goals like that in my 20's, and just concentrated on living my life to the fullest, be the best wife/sister/daughter/cousin/etc that I can be to those I love….and be happy and content.

  4. jackiesmif says

    Before I die, I want to ___________
    a: Be a concert or official White House photographer
    b: Buy a house…in a good neighborhood….in Los Angeles
    c: Be under 200lbs
    d: Do more travel
    e: Learn to swim
    f: Work for myself instead of a company

  5. says

    I don't make lists like this…I feel like if I don't do these things then I'll be a failure and well life is a series of failures anyway so why add to that…

    I actually was about to get preachy but that would be pointless in this venue…