Derrick Rose showing emotion….does not make him a punk

Of all the players in the NBA — considering the context of his career, his age, his upbringing, and what he’s currently working through — it’s possible that only Derrick Rose could turn something as crass as a product launch into a memorable and touching event. In a gathering created to promote the launch of Rose’s newest line of sneakers (ostensibly to sell shoes, but basically a move by the company to exploit the drama behind his debilitating injury), Derrick took the time in an impromptu discussion to thank his family, his city, his fans and his faith after he broke down following the viewing of a promotional clip that detailed his 4 1/2-month rehabilitation from knee surgery.

“It’s truly a blessing. With all of the stuff that’s going on in this city, a kid fromEnglewood has got something positive going on. That makes me feel so good. This shoe is great; all this is great. But I can’t explain this. I can’t.  I went through so much. To have, like, true fans, that means a lot to me. And I know it means a lot to my family, because we’re not supposed to be here — at all. But God made the way.” [source]

As men we are taught to believe that only punks, ‘fruitboys’ and women are supposed to show any type of emotion and that you never cry…..because that is acting like a girl…a punk…a sissy…a.fag. “Don’t be a bitch!” ” That’s weak!” ” Be a man!” ” That’s that estrogen stupidity”.  Any time a man not only feels a deep emotion of pain, let alone actually shed a tear, he is looked at as less of a man.

Why is that? Are men not human? DO we really have no feelings?

Of course we do. We feel pain just like you ladies do -but unfortunately we have been conditioned to believe that this is something that men simply do not do. or aren’t supposed to do. Not a real man after all. As men, you always have to be the rock. The center. Allowing your emotions to get the better of you is something only chicks do. This is what we are told from the time we skin our first knee or the first time we bump our heads. From the time where we are just learning to walk and talk even. Before we even understand the words that are being said to us!  ‘Don’t pick him up, that will make him soft!” ” Don’t pet him up, he needs to learn to be a man” ( said about a 3 year old).

Why DO we do this to men?  Why DO we teach our boys this? Why?

I’m not pointing the fingers as I used to be these same guys. Matter of fact, everything I’ve posted so far about ridiculous sentiments being shared about crying are things I myself have said. Every last one of them.

But I understand how stupid I was.


What gets me though is how some people saw this clip of Derrick Rose and said that he was crying like a punk…. being a bytch(not in general but in the female sense) etc etc.


Why can’t a man show emotional pain? Happiness?Pride?Joy?


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  1. TroyPowers says

    Nah, showing emotional is all good…as long as you're not going all Drake.

    Actually, I think if you're a man and you have to feel like you can't show any emotion at all…you're pretty immature AND insecure. A man will do what the fuck he wants because he wants to.

  2. FubsyNumbles says

    I think there are two different things here: the first is emoting in public, and the whys and wherefores of such a thing. The second is the more generalised discussion of males showing emotions.

    In the UK, until Princess Diana died, we didn’t do much public emoting. It was seen as being somewhat ‘off’; something a bit vulgar, maybe. On the whole, to be honest, I still consider most public emoting to be of this type – especially when the main result of that death (which – to my mind – became a circus within minutes of it becoming news) seems to have been that now public figures emote at any given opportunity, and apparently for any reason; and “talent” show contestants are encouraged to do the same – willingly complying with river upon river of eye-brine, whilst we are “treated” to an over-wrought version of their lives, as if they have survived a holocaust in order to be able to finally get the chance to sing their mangled version of a Beyonce song.

    Now, I know nothing of this fella’s life, but I would be disappointed if the 4 ½ months out with injury was anything to do with his tears. I mean, that happens to sports folk all the time, it’s part of the deal. And he’s being paid handsomely whilst injured. I’ve been made a little cynical by the UK’s sudden turn towards emoting in public, and by the US’s predilection for the same over a longer period of time (well, so it seems to me, anyway) – I just have that old fashioned English reserve as well, I suppose, in this regard. As for emoting, where the subject is or may be the violence in Chicago? Absolutely valid. Crying at the jarring nature of doing that presentation whilst that’s going on – that seems like a valid bit of reasoning by him if that’s what is going on here. I don’t think he was faking, by any means, but I do wonder if the real reason he was crying wasn’t simply the deaths in Chicago, but the dissonance between the event he was fronting, and the wider context……almost a cry of guilt. Not that I mean that he’s guilty, but that he may have – at that point – suddenly become aware of the ludicrousness of the situation he was in, of how false it was.

    And as for the wider question of males and showing emotions in general? It’s always been a nonsense that boys are reared to be more taciturn than their female counterparts. If you want men to simply be a gender prone to explosions of temper, then reinforcing the nonsense of reining in one’s emotions is the way to go. If, however, you want your boys to have a better chance of growing into more rounded men, then let them show emotions if that’s what they need to do (which isn’t to say that’s the only route to manhood either; being a human is much more complex than simply saying ‘only do this, and never do that’!)

  3. retired_heathen says

    It's the "caveman / barbarian" effect that society seems to place on men.

    Men should release their emotions at times when they get overwhelmed (birth of child, wedding, funeral, surprise blessing, etc.). However, there is a time and place for everything. If we're watching the football game and you start crying cause the team just got a first down, or went to commercial, I'm going to *side eye* you.

  4. OHNCantTakeIt says

    I thought this was Hex posting. When I scrolled back up to check and saw that it was Slaus? Man….if I didn't know that chest bumping you would send you flying out the window I'd do it. Because I'm pretty damn sure you wouldn't have said the same when you started this blog.

    *jumps you instead for noogles and unsolicited affection*

  5. says

    I used to always tell my boys to stop crying like lil girls, or stop acting like a girl….

    but what was I telling them?? WHY does corrective behaviour have to demean women? What would i tell my daughter if I had one and what would I telling her by telling my boys not to act like a girl… as if girls are bad.

    instead i tell them to stop acting like babies if i have to tell them anything.

    as men we need to stop speaking about women as if they are beneath us because that is exactly what we are doing when we do that. It is all part of a much larger narrative on REAL misogyny. Not that fake-ass misogyny argument some dames use to endorse boolshyt

  6. melette says

    This entire interview was just great. I'm not a Chicago fan but I can totally appreciate how blessed D. Rose feels with what he's been given. My Dad was not an emotional man when we were younger but when each of us graduated from college he cried. When he gets a particularly moving Father's Day or birthday card, a tear will be shed. Moderation in all things, though. LOL!

  7. queensgirl1960 says

    Made me admire him even more..great guy..compassion is a good thing not a punk thing. Youngins need to emulate that!