LNBS: KNSFW-The best 10 minutes of your life! Tonight! During this hour!

…half hour! Well the best 10 minutes of your life during this quarter hour byotches!

When Folk has had a motherfvcking fvcked up day, nothing makes Folk laugh out loud faster than finding some ol’Japanese crazy shyt online from the tubes.

So if your night requires a laugh or two or three… Fvck counting laughs byotches and just click da motherfvcking play button and stay with it. There is some serious shyt going on, especially past the 3 minute mark!

Happy Hump day fvckers! Enjoy da vid!

Nighty nite fvckers!


  1. USAFscientist says

    The ghost in the mirror ones were funny until people started jumping out of walls like they were from the Grudge……

  2. Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

    good thing that wasn't me. after i shat my pants i would have been beating the life back into that demon. poor thing would have been looking like martin after fighting tommy herns.

    i hate elevators. and heights. so the combo would have made me spazz out and kill people

    the ring jokes…..someone would have been shot.

  3. ToodySaysHey says

    Hilarious but err…remind me never to get in a massage chair in japan.

    seemed like all but of a few of the dudes sat in them chairs butt booty azz nekkid, just a spreading booty
    and ball juice indiscriminantly.

  4. Rakiaaaa says

    Cant do no shyt like that in Ameeeeerica and it end in laughs….. Unless that stand your ground law still in effect…

    ………………..no it still wouldnt end in laughs because laughing cannot exist with slow singin and flower bringin