Musical MFK — 9/19/2012 (Speaking of Remember When..)


Wednesday’s back, which means it’s time for MFK!

We’ve all played the “M.F.K” game before — where you’re given three names and have to decide which one to marry, which one gets brings the lust, and which one has to die?

Well this is exactly the same, except with music. I give you three songs, and all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell tell me which one you LOVE, which one you want to fugg, and which one sleeps with the fishes.

Of course, we’re always looking for reader submissions — so if there’s a track you heard and you kinda like it, or you seriously love it, or you absolutely HATE IT — find a YouTube and email me the link and I’ll post it up here as soon as I can.

This week on New Music Tuesday we reviewed the new album (which was actually pretty good) that brings P!nk back to the scene after a long hiatus.  But she’s not the only one who’s looking to get back in game — and this week I thought we’d highlight a few of the other ladies who are also returning from extended leaves of absence.

I don’t know — with all these new singing competitions hitting TV all at the same time with celebrity judges in tow, it seems like we’re knee deep in kinda-used-to-be-famous people invading our consciences, to the point where I seem to know a hell of a lot about who is or isn’t judging American Idol even though I’ve never actually watched the show.

Finally I know how my online friends who are tired of hearing about the presidential race feel — because there seems to be no escaping the talk about Brittney or Nicki or Simon or whoever.

Luckily we try to stay away from all that and focus on the music here — and this week we’re bringing back the star power. And when I say bringing back, I mean literally — because it’s like somebody hit the wayback machine with these three.

Let’s see who you’re glad to have back, and who you’d rather leave up on the shelf.

And remember, even if you like the songs — you HAVE TO CHOOSE!


Missy Elliot — Triple Threat

(also at the end of this video is a preview of another new track, “9th Inning”)


Nelly Furtado — Spirit Indestructible


No Doubt — Settle Down


Hex is about as wrong as two left feet and there is nothing right about him. Every time we yell at Hex, his rebuttal is always that we are doing so simply because he is Black....yeah..think about that.



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  • DeeBeeR

    Oh DAMN YOU!!!!

    Now I have to have an affair! I heard the new Missy (LUV HER!) a couple of days ago. THEN you gotta throw the new NoDoubt (sounds FANTASTIC)… I'm calling it a tie; damn you!

    But Nelly is DEFINATELY the *F* here … damn shame; she could actually sing back in the day (Before she got turned out). Here, I don't know if its the auto-tune or sinus issues but she sounds like S@#T. (the "beats" tho are LIVE)

    Edit/PS — Got the new DMB and it is pretty damn good— two or three songs sound like Crash a bit too much, but "If Only" is The Monstrous Jam. Definately the direction Dave should go into

    • WanderBoi

      Been listening to DMB on Spotify!

  • WanderBoi

    Marry- No Doubt- that song is just feelgoodness and perhaps I could "dance" with Love, Angel, and Music…i didn't see Baby. .
    Boff- Missy..I was excited for the new tracks, but it's not enough to keep me around. It'd be like hooking up with a college ex while you were visiting town.
    Kill- Nelly….what happened to your voice?

    • DeeBeeR

      Kill- Nelly….what happened to your voice?

      THIS. When the song first started I was like "Oh HELL no"…. the beat is the only thing that saved it

  • Hex

    I never got any of the fascination with Nelly Furtado — I used to call her the "inexplicably famous chipmunk" and would cringe whenever any of her songs came on the radio, so that's an obvious kill for me.

    But I gotta say — when I think about the things I love about Missy Elliot and Timbaland, and then I listen to this song and don't really hear any of those things at all, I'm kinda conflicted.

    I love me some Missy, and I'm glad she's back — but I'm not really down for this track as much as I thought I would be, so I'll call it the F.

    The No Doubt track is OK, but I prefer their more new wave/ska/punk side to their reggae attempts. I'm really excited for the album, but I'm hoping it has lots more to offer than just this.

    Judge me.

    • Pete Schweddy _T

      "inexplicably famous chipmunk"

      She wasn't great singer, just a great face for video.

    • CaraQ301

      Oh, Nelly was on it when Tim got a hold of her… now…. I remember why I never was on it until then.

    • justme81

      I never got any of the fascination with Nelly Furtado — I used to call her the "inexplicably famous chipmunk" and would cringe whenever any of her songs came on the radio, so that's an obvious kill for me.

      Same here, I never thought she was that great of a singer (way too nasal for my taste)…this song does not help mitigate the issue for me, it gets the Kill.

      It's a toss up between Missy and ND for the Marry/F*ck titles…both songs were merely meh and not what I was expecting and I know they can do better, so I'm torn to name either as better than the other.

  • Beth Lanai

    1:02 into the Missy Timbaland track and I turned it off…WTF
    :28 into the Nelly track and I turned it off…she can't sing…I've never really cared for her
    1:40 into the No Doubt track and I turned it off… meh

    • Slausito Ramirez.

      You go to bed till you come back happier and heffier

  • Slausito Ramirez.

    Since gwen stefani is the 2nd of only two women with no boobs who could get it in my book…. no doubt no doubt no doubt gets a marry from me.

    Kill- nelly furtado…

    bof – missy. that's my boothangsmangalang

    • Hex

      That leads to what seems an obvious question, who's the other woman?

      I'm quietly concerned the new Missy might be an aircraft carrier of guest stars that will get in the way of the creative magic she and Tim make together when it's just the two of them conceptualizing. I'm hoping to be proven wrong — but these early tracks have me worried a little, even though I'm a fan.

      • CaraQ301

        *cries at Hex's prediction*

        I know people missed her and want to be put on (and she might want them there), but Lawd in heaven NAWL! We caint have them falling apart like the Neptunes and ish… leave me with ONE DMV love from my childhood… *sobs*

      • Slausito Ramirez.

        Zoe Saldana!

      • Damelo Suave

        Lawd, please don't let them do their version of "Cruel Summer." I don't need the braggadociousness (yes, I made that up), just gimme that "Cop That.." "Lose Control" etc magic

  • CaraQ301

    I'll marry No Doubt because it was the best option of the three. Happy to have them back… with they old asses! lol ETA: I really love how they brought the Harijuku Girls in here as well as them all being blonde. Hee! #LOVE

    I'm with Hex on the Missy/Tim song… I'm waiting for more/better from them. But I'll F them.

    Kill: WTF IN THE LISA LISA AND THE CULT JAM REJECT HELL IS THAT ISH?!! Nawl, Nelly… whoa. That track in destructable and it will do so in 5 seconds…

    • Beth Lanai

      Kill: WTF IN THE LISA LISA AND THE CULT JAM REJECT HELL IS THAT ISH?!! Nawl, Nelly… whoa. That track in destructable and it will do so in 5 seconds…

      you know the way to the corner right? get there…stat!

      • CaraQ301

        But, but… yo hurrs is soooo prettiful…. *sighs and walks slowly to the cowna*

  • DeeBeeR

    "Kill: WTF IN THE LISA LISA AND THE CULT JAM REJECT HELL IS THAT ISH?!! Nawl, Nelly… whoa. That track in destructable and it will do so in 5 seconds…"


    (now to 'pologize to my co-workers for all that laughin…)

  • Damelo Suave

    M – No Doubt – love the sound
    F – Missy (I've missed her & Timbs collabos/beats – even though this isn't my fave from them);
    K – Nelly Furtado…it was just blah

  • TheUndeniable

    Emm – No Doubt — Settle Down: This song has Santigold to thank for me giving it an "M". If I hadn't been exposed to her, I would have given this an "E" (for eviscerate) instead of an "M". And it's not even a confident "M" cuz I only tolerate it more than…

    Eff – Missy Elliot — Triple Threat: Out of the 3, it's just ok. Could've done w/o the additional track. This gets the "F" for being background noise that happens to be better than…

    Kay – Nelly Furtado — Spirit Indestructible: Uhh…WHY DOES SHE SOUND LIKE THAT?? Too nasally. Too pop. HELL no. Kill this shyt DEAD.

  • Jonesey

    Obvious kill: Nelly F. I could never get with her. She annoys me.
    Fugg: Missy. Some decent crunk, I'm on board.
    Marry: Uhm, I'd rather kill ND on this one as well and stay solo, that song is giving me no-thing.