X Gonna Google For Ya

I’ll never give up my love for DMX (which strangely seems like one of my whitest of white-boy traits) regardless of the many many times he’s sort of shown himself to be a political reactionary [WHAT], a lawbreaker [WHAT], or sort of a cultural dumbass [WHAT] — because I’ve always dug his music, his bigger than life persona, and of course all those movies he did where he thought he knew karate.


Oh Anthony Anderson..  how are you still getting work?

Or to put it another way — Romeo Must Die is my shyt, and I’ll fight anyone who tries change the channel when it’s on.

But then there are times when X is simply Earl Simmons, and stuff like this happens:


Welcome to 2012, dog.  [WHAT]



Ahhh, I ain’t mad atcha.



Hex is about as wrong as two left feet and there is nothing right about him. Every time we yell at Hex, his rebuttal is always that we are doing so simply because he is Black....yeah..think about that.



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  1. says


    Chick: Google yourself..go ahead.

    DMX: I see an arrow.. then there a hand. Wait…ok put the cursor here? Damn ok.. how how you spell D-M-X? Ok..ok… D- M- X.. now what..hit enter? Oh shit ok,, then I see a circle.. it's going around and around and around.. it like never ends. Why doesnt a circle end? It's like crazy.. what's all this?!?! Whats a Google.. it'slike a baby..goo goo…


    This hurts to watch.

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    I've made it a rule not to listen to DMX during the week, especially on my way in to work or in rush hour traffic. His isht have me all aggressive and isht….wanting to cuss folks out and Hulk smash cars….No Bueno!! I got bills to pay.

    • bsmuv says

      Mane I listen to Party Up at least once a week my whole 23.5 miles commute into work and have it blasting with my tinted windows half cracked and the sun roof back right into Lilly White Naperville, IL. Reason…. white folks need to know their place with me and because I dare them on a regular to come at me sideways. There is nothing worst then a negro that can flip it from hood to corporate the minute his foot crosses the threshold of the building. Fugg with me if you wanna and your whole IT infrastructure will self implode can you say Zay Part Clear Folks?

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    "Or to put it another way – Romeo Must Die is my shyt, and I’ll fight anyone who tries change the channel when it’s on."

    Hex, you and I are SO here on that. Let someone change my channel when Romeo Must Die is on. ERRBODY getting shot!!!

    This is so DMX and I am here for it. I want to be his friend and just take him to discover the world. That has to be comedic GOLD. I love him

    • SWFLTransplant says

      I was mad when L&O went off the air. I thought he made it much better. I also think that had they added him to L&O:LA and shown Mr. Howard more, that show would have lasted.

      • says

        Anthony Anderson was in the first Transformers movie and none of the sequels.

        Even Optimus Prime was like, "Yeah, can we lose this guy?"

        • SWFLTransplant says

          Were any of the people from that group in any of the sequels tho? IJS Besides the main characters, I don't believe anyone from those scenes were in the sequels.

    • bsmuv says

      Cause he has been might still be a crackhead literally. You ain't never seen the VH1 Behind he Music story on DMX? Man it's sad as fugg. That negro has got hella demons and they be on him like flies on shit.

  4. bsmuv says

    DMX is not the only one technically challenged like this. I have to remind myself daily that stuff I take for granted like knowing how to Google answers to issues or being able to build I computer from scratch with parts order from all over, is not the norm. There are still people that have trouble figuring out how to get their email. So trying to get them to share a file with me over Google Drive so I can print it out at FedEx Office before running to my next meeting it like asking them to split atoms.