Jill Biden Ain’t Fooling Anybody

Earlier this week news agencies were making a big deal about Rush Limbaugh trying to link scientific studies about shrinking penis sizes to the rise in feminism, because Rush Limbaugh is horrible and makes for easy linkbait — especially when whatever hackneyed conspiracy theory he comes up with quietly suggests easy jokes about his own possible troubles in that area.

But who needs that when you’ve got a cat-eating grin like this from Mrs. Crazy Joe?



I’d say that probably explains this picture a little better as well.


Hex is about as wrong as two left feet and there is nothing right about him. Every time we yell at Hex, his rebuttal is always that we are doing so simply because he is Black....yeah..think about that.



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    • Kat_Coll says

      I don't know that it's a woman (can't really tell from the hand), but yeah, there's someone back there.

      ETA: Just checked by blowing up the pic: it's another guy.

    • CaraQ301 says

      If he can't take the backlash of being a candidate, what the hell is he going to do if he were President? You see how he, HIMSELF, is bashing President Obama…

  1. OHNCantTakeIt says

    How much you wanna bet Joe can give it better than good ol' Bill himself.

    Yes, I thought of that. That white hair and wicked ass grin is sexy. Judge me.

  2. The Lurkasaurus Rex says

    So, Mrs. Veep says that she's seen Uncle Joe "up close," and makes an inadvertent hand gesture that tells me just one thing.

    Joe Biden?

    He blessed. He big bone-ded. If he pull his shyt out right here, it'd cause a whiteout!

    KICK IT!!

    record scratch

    You Don't Understand. Pimpin' Azz Obama and Big Dack Biden Ain't Scared Of You Tea Baggin' MothaFuggas!