Chick poisons her boyfriend because..she just wanted a lil attention.


A Pennsylvania woman allegedly poisoned her boyfriend with eyedrops on several occasions because she wanted more attention.

For years, Thurman Edgar Nesbitt III, 45, had been suffering from unexplained nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulty, and blood pressure fluctuations, according to ABC 27.

In July, Nesbitt’s physician, Dr. Harry Johnston, began to suspect that his patient was being poisoned by tetrahydrozoline, the primary ingredient in over-the-counter eyedrops.

When a blood sample tested positive for tetrahydrozoline, Johnston contacted police in Fulton County, and state troopers questioned Nesbitt’s girlfriend, 33-year-old Vickie Jo Mills.

Investigators say that that Mills, of McConnellsburg, admitted to putting Visine eye drops into Nesbitt’s drinking water between 10 and 12 times since June 2009, the Herald-Mail reports. Mills stated that she “never meant to kill” Nesbitt, according to court documents, and that she “only wanted him to pay more attention to her.”

She was charged with 10 counts apiece of aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment, Public Opinion Online reports.

On Monday, Mills waived her right to a preliminary hearing. Her case will now go straight to county court. [source]

Everyone should know if they are with someone romantically who is just a little….off. Or in this case… a bytch was just crazy ass crazy.  Nuttier than a gay male 3some! Sedate her.. get her some meds… something, because who in all the nine layers of hell would sit around poisoning someone in order to get some damn attention! Bytch how crazy ARE you!?? Like a heffa was walking through Walgreen’s and the bottle spoke to her as if to say:” Hey bytch, hey…. want some attention? sprinkle me in orange juice and watch some magic happen. By the way, dicky dicky-doo.”

Just stupid.

If you want some damn attention from a man, ladies? Put your mouth on his happy parts. if he tells you to leave him alone, he is either gay or that relationship is overrrrrrrrrrr.

Thansk to everyone for the send in.

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  1. MrsHTA says

    Don't know why I started rocking back and forth while reading this….

    I thought the eye drops just gave you the runs… I didn't know they messed with your blood pressure and breathing…..

  2. originalwharris says

    I'm guessing dude already knew she was crazy, but the sex was good so he overlooked it. There had to be signs…

  3. DaGroovy1 says

    I'm not understanding; how was this supposed to make him pay more attention to her? Was he to start "seeing" her in a new light?

  4. Kat_Coll says

    Well, she got her wish. Folks are paying ALL KINDS of attention to her now! Geez, you want someone to pay you more attention, wear crotchless panties, a see-through bra or a glow in the dark merkin, but dayum, don't poison them!

  5. yaya120 says

    This curly haired Mexican I used to know used to do that to her pterodactyl looking azz boss years back but that bietch never even coughed. The heaux probably swallowed so much man mayo that her stomach was like an old car radiator. The bish could have swallowed canal water and still been fine. Oh yeah that curly haired chick could still get it.

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  6. melette says

    She watched Wedding Crashers. LOL!!! This is sad. She could have poisoned him with some stuff that wouldn't have been so easily detected.