LNBS: BREAKING LATE NIGHT BS! Lil “Dontgiveafvckaboutshyt” Wayne deposition tape leaked!

This right right here. This right here…. SMH. See this is the shyt right here that makes it very difficult, very difficult to being a black male in America. Because this is the shyt right here…. This is…. OMG!

Just role the fvcking tape.

Folk can’t Folk can’t, Open thread people. Just do what you do, because this shyt right here… OMfvckingGREYAZZHAIR! Really? Folk try to pull this shyt off, Folk would be under a fvcking jail for contempt. Yes this is only a fvcking deposition, but really!?!?! Really?!?!? No fvcking respect what so ever!

Shyt! If Lil Weezy has issues recalling shyt, he may want to listen to his own music to get a fvcking clue about shyt that he’s done in the last few years. And as for the fvcking psychic, please tell Folk when Folk will get Folk’s azz wiped by a magical female nude fairies and spit shined cleaned while having having Folk’s bald head rubbed by an blonde swedish female with a brush filled with the virgin hairs of a unicorns balls?

Proof that Lil Wayne is the fvcking epitome of DONTGIVEAFVCKS! Just peel the skin off my body and defecate in Folk’s lungs directly already!

So y’all fvckers can quit sending me text messages and emails about this shyt right here!


  1. Rakiaaaa says

    This shyt right here just fvcked my whooooole day up. I cant stand the public figures of this day and age (and yes he is a public figure, ie, someone YOUR kids probably look up to whether you allow it or not).

    "He cant save you."

    So you commit a bunch of STOOOOPID AZZ crimes, and you mad that ole boy's job is to ask you about them? C'mon son.

    Im going to bed. Yall gone have my light bill SKY HIGH with all this bull shyt.

    (Yes. I am actually angry after watching this post.)

    • says

      because there is a very thin line between brilliance and stupidity. True, there are moments of sheer "wish" everyone could answer honestly like that. But here's the reality, he has just set the standard for many of our youth who will believe this is how you can and should treat legal proceedings. This is the true unfortunate part of this shyt. Is the influence of character and attitude that he sets for millions of black males (especially the young ones). D@mned unfortunate.

  2. Marina Lasanya says

    i don't even need to watch. from the get go when his "career" took off, i knew he wasn't shyt. this ain't but just one more egg to add to the basket. like rakia said, he's still leading by example because he's a public figure. just because YOU don't look up to anybody doesn't mean that somebody you know won't either. and so long as he's showing that feckless example AND there are millions that follow it, we're in trouble. simple as that.

  3. says

    Dispositions aren't meant for public viewing, correct? So I don't understand why folks are saying he's setting a bad example; or even why folks are commenting as if HE knew it would go public. If he did know it was to be shown publicly, and still approached things the way he did, THEN I can understand saying he's a bad example.

    Actually, I think no one really has the right to judge him at all (if my first question is true). It's HIS disposition, a private matter that's not to be shared with the public. I'm sure he has a publicist of some kind, so if he knew this would be a public situation, he might act differently. But in reality, it's his private business; he has the right to address it however he sees fit (even if it may not be the wise choice).

    • Rakiaaaa says

      Im really hearing you, and ima let you finish… but he approaches everything this way- public or not! This is the image he paints for coloreds all over! Whether or not this is SUPPOSED to be public or not really does not matter. Look at what he has said to our people over the years. Look at his lyrics. Look at his record. People think this is a suitable lifestyle for young blacks. It's not. Why has he even put himself in the position to be THERE?!

      All Im sayin is public figures could do better being public figures…

      There is nothing brilliant about committing numerous crimes in society then going to your deposition and being a disrespectful smartazz because you know your money will "save you"… I say that because when the avg lil dummy thinks he can do the same, he forgets the one CRUCIAL factor:: money. Now he stuck with the booty warrior while Weezy still on the streets saying "YOLO".

      • says

        Ah, he does? I'm afraid I'm ignorant of the details concerning celebrity drama, or mainstream music etc, popular culture in general, besides basics thats through in my face as I browse the net. All I know about him is that he's been arrested for…something, and he has a bunch of kids with a bunch of women.

        I believe I understand where you're coming from though. I think I'm a bit too pessimistic though. There are always going to be people like him. And the reason it matters, is because there are too many idiots in the world, who'll either see this disposition as a good example (the lil dummies you mentioned), or they'll think that one individuals actions automatically mean everyone who looks similar to that person is going to be the same. I don't care to protect the idiots in the former, but the ones in the latter …well, actually, in the long one, the ones in the former can effect the latter…I'm sorry, I'm thinking way too much into this.

        Basically, I don't think simply talking about it like we are will do anything: Except maybe relieve some frustration or provide some entertainment. Maybe a vigilante can come about and "handle" celebs like him. Instead of fighting crime, they'll fight buffoonery from celebs of color, to ultimately protect the world from idiots who'll be effected such public figures.

    • justme81 says

      Depositions are part of the public record unless counsel request that the transcripts be filed under seal. There is a transcript of this mess. So even if the video didn't go viral, anyone and their mama could go right on down to the courthouse and request a copy. We live in the digital age, while I don't think it's right that celebs need to be on their 6's and 7's at all times because of the sway they hold with the younger generation (and part of the older generation with an immature mindset), obviously it's part of the price of fame. It's not fair…but neither is this the fact that this little hobgoblin makes millions off cooning while teachers can't even break the 50k mark.

      • says

        Ah, I see now. Thank you for clarifying. Too laz–uh, busy, to research that on my own :)

        I agree, it's not right they have to be on point every second. I chop it up to being just another thing to balance things out.

        Heh, from what I understand (I only have a few of his mix-tape songs), Lil' Wayne has some talent that actually helped him find his luck. So I can't call his success completely unfair. Now…Kardashians….THAT, you can call unfair.

    • Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

      public or private when you act like this to another person for no reason at all…especially when shyt is on HIM…it just speaks volumes about his character. i'm going to act the same way in private or public. and can't take anything out on anyone else for just doing their job. then he would be the first one mad or not understanding when they take this into consideration during any sentencing.

      • says

        I agree. I certainly wasn't trying to defend his character, or that he was in the right. I simply believe it's misplaced to put social responsibility on him for this as if he purposely made it public for his impresionable fans. As we both touched on; any repercussions he get from this, whether it stayed private or not, is on him. He shouldn't of acted like that period. Though he made some valid points, he could of at least delivered them more formally I admit.

        It's not possible for everyone to have the sense to act appropriately in such a situation, as he demonstrated. So I still thinks it's none of our business. But another part is starting to understand that whoever made it public, made it our business to comment. That seems to be what private-matters-made-public situations are for.

  4. IAmTmonie says

    He's not doing anything any different than every other person that knows how to work the system. Just looks like he knew his rights to me *shrug*

    He went a little left with the 'he can't save you in the real world' veiled threat thing doe.

  5. says


    a lot of young folks have this same level of disrespect for legal proceedings

    nothing brilliant about that

    people need to respect the law…as flawed as it is it should still be respected

    sad thing is…young folks that don't have the money he has will carry this same type of disrespect throughout life but they won't get treated with "kid gloves" as these celebrities do…

    this is just sad

    • Leo_YardieChick says

      I saw the gifs on Tumblr, so I saw no need to press play. After Romney's 'why can't the windows on the plane open?', I needed a breather from more craziness.