Even after she bit one of his testicles off…he took her back.

A mother who was jailed for biting off her partner’s testicles has been back in court after the pair rekindled their romance. ( only thing i’m rekindling with a B*tch you bit my nuts off is the damn fire I set to her fracking house. )

Martin Douglas required emergency surgery and 19 stitches to re-attach his scrotum after the drunken assault by his then-girlfriend Maria Topp. ( 19 stitches to reattach some bawls, son!!! 19 stitches!!  There is not a DAMN thing going on from the hands and or teeth of another person that should involve reattaching some balls!!!)

But after rekindling their unlikely romance Topp says she was ‘stabbed in the back’ by Mr Douglas after he reported her to police for breaching her restraining order. ( Heffa you chomped open his nutsac!!!!!!!! He SHOULD get you back!!)

Topp, 45, admitted unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm as her trial at Newcastle Crown Court was about to start last October.

The mother-of-four was handed a 12-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, plus a restraining order which banned her from contacting Mr Douglas.

However, after a ‘chance’ encounter in Newcastle in March this year, the pair got back together again.

Topp, 45, had a ‘friendly chat’ with her ex-flame when they bumped into each other in Yates’ wine bar in the city centre.

She then sent Mr Douglas a text asking ‘Do you still love me?’

Topp and Mr Douglas resumed their old relationship, which fizzled out again in June this year at which point Mr Douglas reported Topp’s breach of her restraining order. ( B*tch you should be happy he didn’t drive a truck into your face!!!)

Appearing in Newcastle Magistrate’s Court Topp pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order.

Prosecuting, David Thompson said: ‘This is a breach of a restraining order where the relationship ended against a backdrop of domestic violence for which Ms Topp was convicted in November last year. ( Domestic violence!?? Call it what it is!!!! Dick assault!!!)

‘She was made subject of an order that essentially forbade any contact with Mr Douglas.

‘In March this year the parties had a chance encounter and following that there was contact on her part with him.

‘It prompted them to meet, it was initially platonic but then developed into a resumption of the previous relationship.

‘There appears to have been an attempt by Mr Douglas to lift the terms of the restraining order but that was not pursued.

‘The relationship ended after a day out on June 28 this year. It is fair to say it did not end amicably. He then complained about the breach of the order.’

Topp, of Washington, Tyne and Wear, was fined £150 and ordered to pay £15 a week surcharge from her £40.50 a week Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Elizabeth Dunbar, defending, said that Topp had initially pleaded not guilty as the terms of the order meant she could not contact her former lover ‘without reasonable excuse.

Ms Dunbar said: ‘It was unclear what this meant. But she accepts that she made contact with him and asked if he still loved her.

‘It is fair to say he invited this to happen by having a relationship. When the relationship ended he contact police, and that does seem very unfair.’

Speaking after the hearing, Ms Topp gave her side of the story, she said: ‘I can’t remember biting off his testicles.

‘We had been drinking and he had bought me some earrings for Valentine’s Day when we went back to his flat, then we started to fight.’

She claims that she accidentally ripped off his testicles as they tussled.

Ms Topp who first met Mr Douglas in 2005 said that second time around, their relationship was mainly platonic.

She said: ‘The [second] relationship went on between March and June and we would see each other now and again.

‘It wasn’t sexual, we would go out for meals and drinks. I wasn’t ready for a full on relationship.’

According to Ms Topp the pair split after a falling out when their car got stuck in Birtley, Gateshead on the day of a huge storm in June.

She said: ‘The next thing I knew was when I saw the police outside my flat and they said they had a complaint from Martin Douglas saying I was harassing him with texts and phone calls.

‘I was arrested and charged with harassment and breaching my order. I never thought he would do something like this. It is a stab in the back. People think I am some sort of savage because of the testicle thing but I’m not that sort of person.’ ( b*tch you bit testicles off!!!!! if that isn’t some savage azz savage ish, I don’t know what is!!!)

Dad-of-three Mr Douglas is a part time club DJ and also works as a fork-lift truck driver.

The attack took place at his home in Waterloo Street, Newcastle in February last year.

In an interview after the attack he said: ‘The pain was like steam from a red-hot kettle burning you. The amount of blood was unbelievable. I used to have a really high sex drive but now, nothing.’

However, he refused to comment following the most recent court case. [source]

Put this heffa UNDER the jail, son!!! Underrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Well… she has kids…so we can’t do that… that would just hurt the children.


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  1. ThatdamnPaul says

    I know this may not go over well, but reporting her for breaking the restraining order was kind of a shytty move on the dudes part. He knowingly got back into a relationship with her from March to June and only called the cops after they broke up? Bytch move.

    If a chick bites my nutsack in anything more than a playful manner, we're through. No reconciliation, no do-overs, no second chances. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  2. double_dizze says

    Bite my balls and I'll do my best to make your dentist very wealthy. The only reason I'd take her back would be because I saw new teeth in her mouth that needed removal. Period.

    Side note – It took twice as long as it should have to type this comment because one hand is on the keyboard and the other is protecting the family jewels.

  3. Buttercreme Labeija says

    '' People think I am some sort of savage because of the testicle thing''…….No,they think she's a savage because she hasn't learned the art of finding the proper shade of foundation.

    • VivaciousAuntDonna says

      THAT'S what I'm saying!!! I'on't NEVER not EVER trust folks whose faces are several shades lighter than their neck and body. EVER.

  4. cakes_and_pies says

    He has no eyebrows, no sex drive, and a patchwork quilted sack. Who else would take him?

  5. Damelo Suave says

    How the fugg do you not remember biting someone's bawls so hard that they needed 19 stitches?! 19 STITCHES!! I don't condone hitting a woman, but I understand…

  6. DaBlackGeisha says

    "( only thing i’m rekindling with a B*tch you bit my nuts off is the damn fire I set to her fracking house. )"

    "fracking"…??? Nerd! LOL

    Tunes out the rest of the story cause I got texture issues.