LNBS: Round 3! Fight! Who wins in this smash up debate video? Vote in the comments!

We don’t get into politics much around here at OHN, but tonight is going to be different. Now check the video and comment who won this debate round in the comments.

…and if you missed the original video that started this whole stand off then you’ll need to check it right fvck’n here

…and if you just want something to bounce your head to because these “debates are stuff you don’t like!”

Folk been a fan of Alphacat since he came on the Youtube scene back in ’08 with a TI Whateva you like parody he dropped after the election!

Nite Nite peeps! don’t forget to vote for the winner of round 3 below – both real and in the parody video!


  1. fourpageletter says

    On behalf of Canada – I vote Obreezy.
    Ps: alphacat's vid of Obama getting Osama>>>>>>>>>>>