Girl gets caught cheating allll on video….. ouch. Her wig got pulled!

DAMN if all the king’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put that heffa’z face back together.

As she was walking away, all I could hear was Dante from clerks yelling:” Hey try not to suck any dick on your way through the parking lot!”


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  1. Damelo Suave says


    Would it be entirely insensitive of me to mention that she looks rather…piggy (or pug – your choice) about the face? Or maybe that's just cuz it fell out during that convo…

  2. hautie says

    I am always amazed how a girl is a "wh*re" when she is actively shagging a couple different dudes. And these simple minded fools think it is their job, to shame her, for getting what she wants from both of them.

    But men shagging multiple women at the same time… is never an issue. And a girl has no right to be mad about that happening… because he needs variety.

    And by the looks of these two boys… she was not the only one, that either one of them were shagging.

    Yet, here they are getting all butt hurt about it. I hoped they had to turn in their man card for this non-sense.

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  3. says

    I don't fault the guy in the red; don't really see how he should be ashamed actually. From what I gathered int he video, He thought they were in a serious monogamous relationship. Why else would she (apparently) try to convince him that she was not seeing the guy in the SUV? He was emotionally upset that she lied, so I think he had the right to express that anger. If he expressed said anger with violence, then there would be a problem. He didn't even yell and cuss her out either.

    I don't see how the double standard issue is in play here either: Unless I missed a moment where one of the guys said something like, " Well my other girlfriend isn't a liar like you". This is a simple cheater getting caught recording. I think it would've gave the same impression (to me anyway) if the genders were switched.

    • pavlovscat says

      Not from me. It's basic bitch behaviour, male or female. Handle yo business in private!!!!

    • Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

      ^^^^^ co-sign. double standard there too. the women who busted then would be a hero, but these dudes are punks? nope. hell in my opinion they handled it like some real men. they met, discussed it, and they aren't fighting or killing each other over her, but talked about it and handled it well to me. a lot better than 90% other people would have.

  4. awkwardkeke says

    Silly girl…..Whenever you are going to play the game, you must drive your own vehicle! That's cheating 101! Now how the hell you gone get home???

  5. The Lurkasaurus Rex says

    Full Disclosure: I have never cheated on anyone in my life. I have been cheated on, and I might have broke up with Chick #1 ten minutes before smangin' Chick #2 once or thrice or fice…but I have never done the dam thang with another woman whilst in a monogamous relationship.


    I know n!ggas that did, and, like I said, I been played a coupla times. I learnt a coupla thangs from all that, to wit:


    Rule 1: The Burn Phone – All contact with the sidepiece will happen on a cheap, buy-your-minutes-along-the-way phone with no contract. Names will NOT be used. Texts will be deleted daily.
    Plausible Deniability Excuse: Baby, that ain't e'en MINE. I think (a lowdown dude you can rat out with no consequence) left it in the car and I was gonna give it back to him.

    Rule 2: Never Where You Sleep – All contact with the sidepiece will happen ANY GAT DAM WHERE ELSE. I can't count the number of foolz that got caught by the main thang at home with the side piece's feet in the air. If the Main Thang has a house key, all contact with the sidepiece will happen anywhere else in the world.
    COROLLARY: The sidepiece NEVER learns where you live or work. EVER. As far as she's concerned, you are the magic d*ck fairy that occasionally shows up to hit them walls and BOUNCE. See, wimmens like being all spontaneous n' shyt, and ain't NOTHING worse than both the Main Thang AND the sidepiece deciding to get all spontaneous on the same gat dam day at ya job…or ya house (see: Carrie Underwood, "While He Cheats")

    Rule 3: Never Use Ya Boys As An Alibi – Only someone you trust can betray you, and nobody's worse than someone who A) knows ya bidness, and B) been wantin' to fugg ya Main Thang since forever. Fool, how do you think the Main Thang knew to be all up in Benihana's tonight? Real playas move in silence.

    Rule 4: No Gift Exchanging. EVER – First off, if you are wanting to buy the sidepiece shyt, you need to cut the Main Thang loose and promote the sidepiece, cuz you done gone waaaay past fuggin'. Second, the Main Thang Will. Know. when another woman is making adjustments to ya style (Sing it, Bee: Cartier cufflinks, silk-lined blazers, lemme lemme upgrade ya). It's only a matter of time before the Main Thang puts a name and a face to ya new stylist.

    Like I said, I ain't never cheated, but I've seen multiple n!ggas get busted over various violations of these four rules…

  6. ThatDudeCMcCain says

    I recently lost a friend in a situation very similar to this. He was sitting in a car with a married woman. Up walks the husband and shoots my friend. So this video hits close to home for me. I WISH a video on the interent was all that came from my boy's situation. Male or female, if you are bold/foolish enough to play, then don't get mad when you get PLAYED. Considering all of the other more violent options that could have come from this, I applaude these dudes for handling it the way they did. It seems some of you are proponents for "just talking it out." Clearly she was masterful with the fork tongue. Talking would have led to more lies. Sometimes you just gotta jump out the bush on a mug! As long as there was no bloodshed, I don't have a problem with it.

    On a lighter note, that "snowball/36 dacks" scene from Clerks is one my all-time favs! The look on Dante's face when he found out ole boy's member had been in her mouth was priceless!

    RIP D.M.