LNBS: Still President!

This flick is in timely fashion. And just like many nights before, Folk is tied to a company laptop access point soooooo….. Yeah…. Mind meld you &%^#&#^#&%. You know what Folk wanna say!

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  • http://www.foolishnessandfuckery.com foolishnessandfuckery

    That was cute! And like 2 Chainz says, TRU!!! Yeah, I've fallen victim to 2 Chainz…*hangs head low*

    • Damelo Suave

      We all have one…

    • MrsHTA

      I tried to fight it but I have fallen to the 2Chainz F*ckery also

    • justme81

      2 Chainz is your McDonald's, huh?

      • http://www.foolishnessandfuckery.com foolishnessandfuckery

        He is just so ratchet and yall know how I love ratchet shit…All I want for my burfday is a big booty hoe!!!

  • MrsHTA

    I like all of Alphacats Obama videos

  • YKM

    *Bus driver uppercut*

    you goin to jail now!!

    o.O oh NO he didnt.. ahahahahahahaha

  • Bubba Renaldo Garcia

    haha i am loving this one