White people mourning Romney – this website is mean as hell….but..but i laughed so hard.

Seriously, people!???

I know this election was huge on so many front, and how this election was a BIG defeat for big business, ‘white power’, and conservatism as it is today, but….. lmao White People Mourning Romney as a tumblr page?? You should be ashaaaaaaamed. And I should also…because I laughed so damn hard at this site….and I feel awful.

But sooooo gooooood. Man I feel so petty and guilty. Because if it was the other way around and there was a site called: Black people mourning Obama, you b*tches would be out slapping everyone lighter than paper bag.

Buuuuuuuut that’s not what happened so… oh well.

She looks like she is about to Hulk Smash the sh*t out of some one……

ALl that damn mascara and eyeshadow on, if she starts crying, she will be in blackface.

Check the site out for more.

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  1. CaraQ301 says

    Did you see Romney's defunct transition website. I'm sure that added even more bitterness to this whole affair.

  2. says

    This is what happens when your party is full of OLD, WHITE, mostly men, who REFUSE to step into the 21st century. There's a place at the table for all of us but it's not my fault if you choose to stand in pure defiance.

  3. says

    Have you seen the crazy rant video from this shut-in who videotaped herself getting more and more pissed off (and drunk) as the election results roll in? It's super long (and I don't think it embeds right, you might have to watch it on YT), but she goes OFF THE RAILS in a way that makes me glad anything she decided to support failed miserably on election night.

    Seriously scary (yet hilarious) stuff.

    [youtube wLoqti0lzAw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLoqti0lzAw youtube]

  4. Madfall says

    God almighty, some Americans are such frigging drama queens. "We lost an election, it's the end of our country, WAAAH!"

    • YKM says

      Folks dont seem to realize… these hard core people are SERIOUS.

      We may laugh because we all know in our heart of hearts give peace a chance and all of that wholesome goodness–
      But there's apparently 57 million people who think otherwise o.O

      I'd be checking my state to see the percentage per voter population of even my city of who might wanna cut up for GP.

      • Leo_YardieChick says

        Man….'hard core' is an understatement. They look like their lives just ended. Like Obama gave an order for them to be rounded up and dumped on small tracts of useless land within 24 hours. O_O I've seen disappointment at a party's loss before, but this is some next-level shyt.

  5. Kat_Coll says

    That chick in the third picture looks like she just found out that pulling out early doesn't protect her purity or non-pregnant status.

    • YKM says

      I had to log back in just I could LMAO

      I literally just finished scrolling back up to see what you were typin about and had to FALLL OUTThahahahahahahaha

      That's fkt up hahahahahaha but so true eheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. ToodySaysHey says

    This picture cracks me up the most….the dual wall slide….

    <img src=http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md59jyEl331rkd8gso1_500.jpg>

  7. KimLurksAlot says

    You would have thought Pres. Obama gave the order to round up all white folk and put them on plantations or something.

    • ToodySaysHey says

      GIRL! I said the same thing on FB. What I litereally said was, they must think Obama is gonna order their women to be impregnated by Lil Wayne and then have them all shipped to plantations to harvest chicken and watermelons.


      • KimLurksAlot says

        LMAO!!! Not harvest chicken and watermelons! But on the real, I would be making ugly cry faces too if I had to get impregnated by Lil Wayne.

  8. IamMaddogDigit says

    America is not as "white" as it once was.
    And I truly don't believe Romney understood that the 47% can cast a vote.

    just some good ol boys…never meaning no harm

  9. ChiArtist76 says

    Some of my white friends posted this on FaceBook yesterday. I told them that I cam across it but was too scared to post on Facebook. I knew if I did, I'd be labeled one of those racist black people that just wants everything free. I told them I'm glad they posted it though, because it's always better coming from another white person!

    They aren't conventional white people though, one is Canadian and the other is a scientific atheist, so they tend to always speak rational sense.

  10. fauxgressive says

    Ya know, I'm as white as you can get. (a redhead, so basically if there is a strong light behind me you can actually see through me.) Also middle aged, Christian, the works. But I don't understand these people, not at all.

    How is an intelligent person going to vote for a party that doesn't even believe in the basics of science, like evolution? That thinks, in light of the high rates of unwanted pregnancy, that we should actually teach kids LESS about sex and birth control. That thinks it's better to give women LESS access to birth control,, various health testing, and prenatal health care just because they might decide to get an abortion? (Which is more likely, by the way, since they are trying to take away every responsible avenue to prevent unwanted pregnancy or to care for any child if it is actually born.)

    My father is a staunch Christian in his 70's, ushers at his church every week, but he voted for Obama, too. He recognizes the sheer lunacy that is the Republican party these days.

  11. says

    While this site is hilarious, I am a little ticked. Bush ran this country into the dankest, mustiest crapper and no one had anything even as remotely vicious to say or this much of a defeatist attitude. It is truly amazing how much a little extra melatonin makes a huge difference…

    • ToodySaysHey says


      when bush took office we had a budget surplus. And then he started two wars and spent trillions and nobody white nor republicans said boo.

      now all of a sudden they are penny pinching.