SSC: An Open Letter to OHN

First to Slaus, the OHN Staff, and to all of you. Folk I love you. Time to step away from Folk and give this one straight up.

It has been five years since I started blogging. I have written for OHN for almost four. The last two years has been full time. In that time, I’ve seen relationships blossom, grow, and flourish. I’ve seen people come and go. I’ve experienced self-enlightenment and intriguing conversation and debates. I’ve seen disagreements fueled with passion with a touch of bullshit. I’ve seen family.

When Slaus 1st announced that the sight would be up for sale, I have to admit that because of the craziness of work I went into a bit of denial. But when I examined what has grown into what we know, love, loathe, enjoy, yet hate, I understood.

Writing is one of those crazy things that’s similar to a dysfunctional affair that fills your with soul with joy, yet sucks the essence from your life. I can’t tell you exactly how Sunday Social Commentaries began, they were just an evolution. I can tell you that LNBS was birthed from the separation that I experienced allowing work to drive a wedge in my personal life. My cry. My plea. My frustration. Ultimately my release.

But it’s hard. Writing comedy or even serious commentaries wrapped in humor that excites yet repulses and draws a person in is indeed a challenge. You wonder if you’ve spoken about a topic too much. You wonder if you alienate someone because of the characters of Jesus, death, satan, Buddha, and others you integrate into your style seamlessly. You also evolve.

This year I experienced that as I felt that Folk was an anchor around my neck, but yet he’s playful and freeing at the same time.

I love OHN. I love each and everyone of you. Your craziness. Your intriguing and often twisted insight. Or simply the smile that many of you have brung to me during some very rough and tough days at work or in life.

I love what OHN has given me. A voice. A channel to connect with each and every one of you. An opportunity to grow, to realize that comments, or the lack of, does not make a piece great or bad. Sometimes silence is the greatest reward knowing that it is the thoughts that have been evoked or the shock that has driven many to silence.
This place has been life and still is.

So lets get right down to it. This is about change. Secretly we’re all afraid of it. What’s going to happen… to us? Where are people going to go? What will we do with this something… new? Or what should happen if it just simply disappears?

When I was in my deepest of darkest days I held on to an old saying that life will introduce characters into your life. Some may refer to them as just some person, friends, acquaintances, lovers, spouses, family, or even enemies. They will be there when you need them most. For a spell, for a season, or for life. The challenge is to know who belongs to what category.

I’ve recently been advised that my life is too about to make another drastic change. A geographic one unlike any before. Sure my sense of adventure looks to the memories of the future, but my heart aches at what must be left behind to journey forward.

But like many when change is evident we oft rummage through the rubble of missed opportunities and infuse them with memories of fond to hold dear to what we have and what did not fully take advantage of. Allowing moments of the present to prevent us for valuing what is the most important moment of life.

If life has taught me anything, especially through writing, blogging, and each and every one of you, there are only more memories to hold if you value the importance of now.

So with you I’ve shared my hurts, my joys, and my anger through veiled imagery of characters brought in the letters of words in my writing. No matter where we end up on the other side of this moment of change, we will all have grown into greater human beings as a result.

And fret not, for we will party on the Hell Bus to Heaven. Jesus buying everyone drinks, death will be driving, satan will be masturbating to pictures of cherubs, Buddha and others will be singing ol’Dr. Dre tunes, and we will enjoy our trip bukkid azz nekkid as Folk smiles in ecstasy at all the pretty pretty tidday tidday.

Happy Sunday y’all. Until next week.


  1. ChiDiva says

    Folk,I know I've said it before,but I truly appreciate and respect what you have added to my daily routine for the past three years.You, My Crazy azz,Tidday Lovin' Brother,will be truly missed.

    • says

      Ant trying to go anywhere! Motherfvckers will have to lure me out on a leash woven with the pubic hairs of 700 beautiful breasted women with Sade nekkid singing a siren song of desire while having freshly laundered lace panties dangled in me face.

  2. Virtual Virgo says

    Let's not jump to conclusions. The new owner may LOVE tidday's. You might not have to go anywhere! *tip toes into this large pool of Denial*

  3. Tester70 says

    Well Folk you know how to make a girl glad she ain't nowhere near you…because I'd TP your house and flashbang your porch with burning horsepooh bags on a daily basis. Why, just so I could give you something else to do besides making me weep with joy from all the mess you find in these here innanets.

    Seriously though…you rock *tips my margarita to you*

  4. msjess7 says

    Well said. I love the fact that you love tig ol bitties. I run into guys that loves the booty and I have the bitties