LNBS: The truth why MTV doesn’t play videos any more.

Truth be told, a lot of individuals don’t want to know the truth and prefer to stick their heads into the sand of blissful ignorance while allowing the rains of stupidity slowly drown them.


There are some statements that Folk don’t agree with, Folk does agree with the conclusion that due to a ridiculous attack on self image and confidence, plus our insane need of instant self gratification with continued praise in our culture it is easy to gravitate to the illustrious drug of public humiliation of others and bulling to soothe that fragile azz American ego.

What do you think fam? Do you miss video only music channels? Is there any credence to this video? Or would you enjoy 24 hours of the fvcked up bullshyt that comes out of the music industry?

What you listening to right fvcking now? Folk listening to “Cracks” featuring Belle Humble. The motherfvcking Pavilion remix byotches! What’s in yo’ ear? Tiddays?!? Daycks!?!?! LOL!



  1. justme81 says

    Yeah…I'd take videos over that reality crap any day…if I even bothered to still watch MTV.

    ETA: if they bring back Liquid Television, I'll watch MTV again for sure.

  2. Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

    MTV used to be awesome when the played all videos with the occasional Real World. They need to change the name. Very little is about music anymore. Now psycho people and people getting konged before the age of 16 is glorified. And people have the nerve to wonder where we're going wrong these days.