Hip Hop is NOT Dead!

Our very own DJ Fusion was a guest speaker at this year’s TEDxOrlando event.

I’ll just let DJ Fusion describe what this video is about:

It’s basically about my view of how while people keep saying that “Hip-Hop is Dead” that it’s hardly true statement – but the art form and culture needs a serious shot of energy before becoming obsolete as a creative and cultural force straight from it’s artists, distributors and fans

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Checkout the bio from the TEDx Website. Go ‘head DJ Fusion!!!

Mary Nichols (a.k.a. DJ Fusion) is a radio, mixtape & club dj, independent music industry consultant, and writer with a passion for both independent and mainstream music of the African diaspora. In 1998, she founded the syndicated Fuse Box Radio Broadcast, a clean, radio friendly mix that has gone global, spreading to over 25 national and international FM and internet radio stations.

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.


  1. says

    I listened to the first 5 mins and was so impressed Fusion. Great job. I will listen to the rest at home. I, like you am a hip hop head. So I will give this my best ear.


  2. says

    LOL @ hip hop is going through a mid-life crisis!!

    I don't think hip hop is dead but the current music industry (i.e. the Suits) has it in a serious choke hold and holding it hostage from the mainstream. This crap they "promote" now, for the most part, is not worth my $.

  3. bsmuv says

    That was a great topic for Ted. Wow one of our very own out there doing her thing. I listen/ watch a lot of Ted talks and congratz on your accomplishment.

  4. IAmTmonie says

    I love TED! I feel so proud to know an OHNawlean is at this level, as I'm sure many more of us are. Proud of you!!!! Frikin awesome!!

  5. says

    Thanks all of y'all for checking out the video – and the OHN post as a whole of my TEDxOrlando talk…am VERY grateful for it – it's REALLY appreciated! ^_^

    Whether folks agree or disagree with what I'm saying in it re: Hip-Hop's current status & needs to grow change with the music artists, labels & fans, I hope that it at least sparked some thought and conversation with everybody.

    Hip-Hop isn't dead at all (never was, especially with the indie Hip-Hop scenes of insane talent all over the globe), but mainstream Hip-Hop needs an intervention…BAD.