LNBS: Fvck the corporate overlords! Dirty Pics! It’s Folk’s….

…are we really going to do this?

Yup we are!

Folk has lived among you mostly hidden under the cover of well-placed phrases, intentionally misplaced references, and in the shadows of metaphors. All done to lurk openly on the innerwebs without the evil lurking corporate step-mother over looking Folk’s shoulder threating to end Folk’s employment due to their fvcking overly conservative nature. Fvckers!

…but Folk tired of that shyt!

So happy fvcking mom got her some dayck back in the day for Folk! ::wonders if moms was on top cowgirl style or…::

But since this is not Folk’s personal playground, on to the LNBS! Some good advice for all y’all 21st century freaks!

So now you know how to do that shyt proper like, send all yo’tidday photos to email.folk”at”gmail”dot”com. LOL! So who has had their muffin tops exposed on the web. Who have even thought about their parents with legs high in the sky, azz up, face down, with chains, and whips!? Just saying.

Do what y’all do when you do that you do in the motherfvcking comments! Don’t forget that email addy above ladies 😉

Nite Nite!

Folk sooooo getting fired tonight!


  1. Ardamus79 says

    The problem with sexting is trying to masterbate when you get the pics on your phone. I mean, you have angle your hands right when this happens. You get the pic…..but can't respond because you're roughing up the suspect at the moment, so you gotta stop and type something like "ooooooh, thats hot" and that takes away a few seconds of masterbating time right there. I mean, in theory it sounds fun but in reality its confusing.

    • justme81 says

      or you could just type that text beforehand and have it in draft, so when the pic comes in, you can hit reply while still spanking the monkey. 😉