When Jesus is SERIOUSLY your co-pilot…. this fool needs to play the lottery NOW!

WHO the hell just walks away from some shyt like this, people!!! WHOOOO!!!!

THIS guy…

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  • MacDeezNuts

    He must have been drunk…drunk people are never the ones hurt in their car accidents

  • daPiper

    Idiot was trying to pass car in front of him and didn't even check what was coming on the other side of the yellow two-striped lane. Lucky that Jesus had this one for sure!

  • MrsHTA

    Wonder how the driver of the truck is doing?

    • http://uepa.wordpress.com/ uepa

      Service will be Sunday at 10am
      Please send flowers and wreaths c/o Miz Ebenita Jenkins

  • YKM

    So, umm…

    this is the song I thought of when my computer finally booted this mess up…


    [youtube YkJ3FY5wffI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkJ3FY5wffI youtube]

  • http://creolesoul.tumblr.com/ TheUndeniable

    GODDAMN!!!! O__o