LNBS: OPEN TREAD-Because we don’t see more of this in our daily news!

Wad’up Peoples! It’s Folk coming live to you from the WEST COAST!

Er’now and then Folk likes to shake it up by exposing the reality that we aren’ all porch monkies, jiggaboose, nigroes, or… bascially we’re not the bullshyt portrayed in modern media to the world!

Here’s a quick Youtube story about a true African from Sierra Leone. A self taught African male that is so facinating that he has become the youngest person in history to be invited to the “Visting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT.

Open Tread on breaking barries and news stories you know about that isn’t shared on mainstream media about minorities overcoming advsersities while spiting in the face of stereotypes.

Nite Nite


  1. Mynipzaintpank says

    Folk I just watched this video and im sitting here crying tears of joy, hope and admiration. This is life changing for me in so many ways. I had a close friend in college that passed away unbeknowst to me a yesr ago. She was from Sierra Leone. Thank you for sharing this, Dj Focus is awe inpiring and I'm so grateful to know his personal story and wow!

  2. says

    This beautiful 5th grader right here. His principal banned him from making his already winning speech about Equal Marriage. A NY official stepped in and said “Principal Bailey’s decision is a throwback to a different time, and has no place in the tolerant society all of us are working towards”. And allowed Kameron Slade to make his speech: http://youtu.be/gumC-x_V-NU

    This amazing sistah right here. Dr. Joycelyn Harrison rocking the Air Force and NASA and errrbody! I pride myself on understanding about 1/4 of her presentation: http://youtu.be/Wqspe8vMhgA

    Wait there's more! African Genius Kids: youngest students ever to pass the advanced Maths A level (at the University of Cambridge): http://youtu.be/_GjD6OJLBAM

    And then you get this ish right here that just brings you back to reality: http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/07/13-year-ol

  3. Lately25 says

    I'm amazed that there aren't a million posts on this blog about this young man….. This is truly amazing. The kid has NO access to knowledge of how this stuff work ya'll, and he is basically going from the top of his dome! APPLE, SONY, SAMSUNG, fudge that GOOGLE, ya'll better get this young man a job!!!