Weekend Wrap Up – Movie Review Edition

I don’t know what it is with me and going to movies here lately.

Anyway, went to see Breaking Dawn 2 the final Twilight movie. And no I don’t give 3 damns about what you have to say about it not being real vampires and blah, blah, blah. I get it some of y’all don’t like it. But the amount of time y’all spend on telling folks you don’t like it is a little….weird. Let it go people. Let it go!

Anyway, of the 5 Twilight movies. THIS WAS THE BEST!!!

It could almost stand on its own and not be a part of Twilight it was really well put together. And it only took them 5 movies to get it “right” lol.

I’m not a fan of changing the storylines from books. And well I guess technically they didn’t change it they actually enhanced it. I was so not prepared for how they did it. NOT PREPARED!!! There was one scene where I gasped out of pure shock and another where I shouted NOOOOO! The book was so damn anti-climatic it got on my nerves. But the way they did the movie was GREAT!

Everything about this movie was 100 times better than the others. Pacing, directing, acting, writing everything. I was thinking so umm where was all of this in the other 4 movies!

Great way to end the series!

That was Saturday, Sunday I spent the better part of the day working then I recorded another eargasm review with the wonderful folks over at Where’s my 40 acres and had a BLAST! I love those fools! I’ll post the link as soon as it’s posted on their site.

So what did YOU get into this weekend.

And a special shout out to OHN reader and my good friend The Undeniable…he got married over the weekend! Congratulations Ron! Love you man!!

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.


  1. CaraQ301 says

    Saturday was Ladies night. I tried whipped cream flavored vodka and was not a fan (the drink was like a creamscicle and I have long been over those).

    Sunday was tv catch up day with the hubs. Trying to figure out what we will be doing for Thanksgiving.

  2. Agent00DivaCee says

    I took myself on a date to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and I though it was pretty awesome…I'm a fan of the books (JUDGE ME!). Spent the rest of the weekend hiding from the cold.

    • says

      I wouldn't say I was a fan of the books but I was entertained when I read them…

      but yea this movie was awesome for what they were working with

  3. WanderBoi says

    It's been an interesting weekend for me. My final weekend of being not employed.
    I got the surprise of a lifetime. I had switched cars with a friend for the week. He's doing some contracting and when people would see the car he drove in, the price would go up. So sure, I was down to roll around in his Lexus hybrid while he had my 98 Honda Accord. When I returned the keys (which is really a fob because the car starts with the push of a button), I was lamenting over how I had to return it and perhaps with my new gig, I could save money to but a newer used car.
    He told me, that he had to take my car in to get some things checked out. I immediately begin to panic and become concerned about the cost. He tells me to calm down and that I wouldn't have to worry about my transmission for a while which apparently had a leak. Then he showed me 4 pages of repairs (I don't know the cost) that he did to my car. Oil change, tire pressure, sway bar links replaced (what is a sway bar?).
    Plus it had been detailed and shampooed! No more tree sap! I couldn't do anything but be grateful and cry (not in front of him though). Hot dang! I was not expecting that. I bought the contractor story, hook, line and sinker. They were concerned because my new job (I start tomorrow) involves a lot of driving. One friend told another that he was concerned and this was the result. I have wonderfully awesome and great friends!

    The rest of my weekend was a bit of socializing, some meal planning for work and Thanksgiving, lots of ironing, cleaning, friend hanging, and a date!

    • says

      I LOVE reading your weekend reports! You have a fantastic life!!!

      And this story here !!!

      You ain't gonna make me cry today!!!

      What a blessing for you and for your friends to be able to do so!!!

      How wonderful!!!

      • WanderBoi says

        It totally is wonderful! I was crying all up and through my car. Went to go meet a friend and he asked me what was wrong, I pulled out the paper, started to bawl again. Tried telling someone else about the story the following day, tears again. Just. Wow.

        You know, when you're down for so long and you only thought that you had yourself to rely on, it's a wonderful and powerful feeling of love, joy, and relief to know that you do have community and people who care for you.

  4. letinstar says

    friday night i did what i refer to as a "friday night funk fest", where i played some of favorite funk music…and while tooling around youtube, i came across this glittery greatness…

    [youtube 153d9tc3Oao http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=153d9tc3Oao youtube]

    saturday, i went on a black history tour of boston and stood in slave quarters…

  5. future_rmc_phd says

    This weekend I caught up on some much needed house cleaning, and took my daughter to see Breaking Dawn 2. Honestly the best part of the movie was the last 45 minutes to hour. The beginning of the movie wasn't much different than the first 3 installments. However, it ended well enough and had enough action that most people probably don't realize the beginning to middle was the same melodramatic, cloudy, dark song in the background twightlight we've come to know.

    Saturday I went to a Kierra Sheard concert, it was great!

    I am going to see Lincoln this afternoon. I am so happy for this break from classes.

  6. queensgirl1960 says

    Saw Skyfall it was pretty good.. better than I thought it would be. 007 know he gets it in tho..he tapped
    at least three women..

  7. says

    I spent Saturday running around cleaning in advance of Madfall's arrival. He landed Sunday evening and entered the US with no issues. He's now sitting next to me. We just returned from the county office to pick up our marriage license.