LNBS: Tis the season to be jolly!

Coming live again from the Wild West, a lil som’n som’n for all you fvckers who going to be participating in the crazy azz crazy Black Friday shenanigans. Get your prep on. Get to training and be prepared to get yo’azz ran da fvck over!

Who’s participating in Black Friday? Y’all already in line? You tenting out already?

Nite Nite


  1. Unca_Ruckus says

    Yep, I'm taking my Black azz to work. Saving up for a PS3 and hoping the price drops by the 16th. Taking donations, but too lazy to set up a paypal account. Forward all monies to OHN. (I trust you, Slaus)

    • ToodySaysHey says

      damn homie…if I wasnt crack azzed broke Id definitely donate to the cause.

      the only reason I have a ps3 now is because I got a refund check from school.

      you haz my sympathies…but cant u do the layaway for it with kmart and walmart?

      • Unca_Ruckus says

        Actually, I'm doing the layaway at GameStop. No fees, and if I can't get it by the 21st, they refund all of my cash. #Winning.

        • ToodySaysHey says

          hmmm..good to know, I didnt know the gamestop's layaway program had a forgiveness clause. Good to know indeed.

          also, congrats.

  2. ToodySaysHey says

    I approve this Aintshytness folk.

    and ROFLMAO@ 0:26 where the chick is on the ground trying to put her wig back on,lmaoooooooooooo!!!

    • CurlyQ53 says

      I died a thousand deaths when I peeped that! Lololol! Clearly she didn't have her game tight by wearing a wig that could be flipped off like a baseball cap in the first place. Du-rag or just let your shyt fly!

  3. aliciapdx says

    Not hitting up Black Friday, but might buy some clothes on Cyber Monday. There was a post on buzzfeed tittled something like "10 Reason not to shop on Black Friday," here is #1: The idea of dying inside of a Wal*Mart whilst trying to snag a $5 waffle maker might be the saddest way of dying possible.

  4. Unca_Ruckus says

    Took a drive past the Best Buy on the way home from work. Counted no less than a dozen tents lined up. The inner thug in me noticed that there were no cops either. Thankfully, I keep his rachet azz in check.