try to say something nice because hey…this might be someone’s momma.

And if this IS your momma, You need all of your ass whooped for letting her do this ol boolshyt. Looking like a burned biscuit flavoured with bad decisions.

I don’t know if that is a hat… a wig..her hair… a mane… some dead shyt…. whatever. There is not ┬ádamn thing nice i can about this other than I’m sure she is happy she found a dress at Dollar General that fit her.

Ugh, son.

The hell is that on her heaaaaaad. It looks like the fake moss shyt you buy at Hobby Lobby that you decorate fake floral arrangements with. Or it looks like a massive lump of dryer lint.

Looks like the Tazmanian Devil’s momma…. something!!!

She looks like every decision she has ever made has been the wrong one.

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  1. hautie says

    I know exactly who she got that crusty blonde wig from….

    <img src=>

  2. The Lurkasaurus Rex says

    Oh. My. Gawd.

    This bytch here look like she eats happiness, drinks the tears of orphans, and shyts cancer.

    And the amount of money Does. Not. Exist. that could get me to set foot in Stank-Miser's baffroom, not e'en if I thought I could just airmail a deuce and bounce…lookin' at this rusty-elbowed, bridge-lurkin' heffa-troll, you just know:

    1. Ain't no light.
    2. The soap on the sink is small, cracked, and got black, curly hairs all over it.
    3. The toilet paper got a dark, yellow watermark going all the way through the roll…
    4. When you open the door, the funk will roll out like heat waves and blister all the hair off ya head.
    5. The floor feels like you finna bust through and fall all the way to hale.
    6. The tub ain't been cleaned since they took Ain't Mary's body out of it.
    7. You can feel the toenails cracklin' under ya shoes when you walk in.
    8. If you die with sin on your soul, you end up in whatever the hale is holding her toilet brush

    • says

      IH8U and all that you stand for!!! And I'm afraid that if your comment kills me, my fate will be #8!!!

      *holds on to the last bit of life I have*


    • RedladyRae says

      :: reaching for heaven::

      Why?! What went horribly wetting in your life that made you think up some stuff like this? You got me over here choking on my toast and scaring the dogs. I hope you're proud of yourself for elaborating on her ratchetness to that extent.

  3. Synistara says

    Woman has been arrested too many times from the looks of the left shot…. :/ mebbe shes beggin for a frisking :p

  4. cyndilyn71 says

    That's not a WIG: It's a HAT! ! ! Look closely guys, I've seen these types of hats on church ladies! So, she took a church lady hat & put it with this crazy looking summer dress. This is the ensemble from HAYLE!
    But I applaud her utter lack of giving a single, solitary fugg of what people think. . . . . .

  5. Kat_Coll says

    Man.. She's. Got. Everything. Covered. She ain't flashing no booty, no sorry looking tidday and no old woman cooch, this is a GOOD THING! But she should trade out that mangy-golden-retriever colored fake fur hat for something in a mink color.

  6. RedladyRae says

    But the middle picture though. It looks like she was in the oven, and someone called her. And where's the emotion? No smiles! If you gonna look like that, at least smile. This while thing… just… Who took the pictures? They need a whoopin' for letting this happen…