LNBS: A song for all y’all who love.. No, Praise fried chicken!

Some of y’all just go koo koo krazy over some fried chicken to the point of an obsession that requires some serious intervention. ::looks for the lil lady’s fried chicken bra and panty set::

So for you chicken lovers out there, light a candle and sing-a-long

What’s on your thanksgiving meal menu? Folk thinking Pizza!

Nite Nite.


    • AKADRFUNK says

      Indeed. Talent in the service of coonanigans…as if there was'nt more than enough of that going around.I can only smh.

  1. AKADRFUNK says

    It's not enough that she (clearly) is already leading a life of bad dietary decisions…she wants you to roll through the adult-onset type 2 / lap-band ghetto with her. In Vegas today.So Imma' find a nice restaurant…and rip on the turkey (naturally low-fat…as long as it is'nt fried and you peel the skin away) Chase it with some steamed veggies.(smothered with absolutely NOTHING) Chase that with a slice of pumpkin pie.(dab of whipped cream) Wash it down with some tea…or water. Happy Thanxgiving y'all.

  2. ToodySaysHey says

    Man…..I been waiting for DAYS for y'all to post about this.

    I was hoping Slaus wouldl write a full fledged article, but Ill take a LNBS nod.

    This whole video is pure hilarity start to finish, and the fact that she is straight SANGIN' for some bird is just..lolololol.

    Paging Mary J Blige…*this* is how you sing in praise of some chicken, k?

    and the Fat Girl Benediction at the end?? *deaded*

    "I wanna be thick for you Lawd…..Dont…let me die skinny Jesus….pass the buuuuuuuttterrr Jesus"

    <img src=http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l9qcuorM9I1qzsr1io1_500.gif>

  3. Bubba Renaldo Garcia says

    i'm dying because she has this slow ass song that sounds like it's either some mood music or a hate letter to an old ex.