LNBS: Sing-a-long Challenge-Right now ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Killer Karaoke

Er’body has heard the song Before He Cheats. Don’t give a d@mned who you are or where you’re from, you’ve heard this song. Many of you have sang the song. Some of you have acted out the words of this song.

Er’body has also tried their hand at Karaoke. Either in the privacy of their shower or full on in the public view. Hell, some of y’all got some killer pipes!

But this shyt right here takes singing skills, karaoke courage, bawlz, and a fvcked up imagination to a whole ‘nother level of ain’tshytness.

With all the countless ridiculous reality TV and contest shows on television, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all. They all seem to overlap. But one contest show on the Tru TV Network called Killer Karaoke–which debuts on Friday–may be a true one-of-a-kind.

To promote the show, this clip, which has already gone viralviral, was published on YouTube just a few days ago.

The game mixes the fear and grossness of Fear Factor with the talent show singing of American Idol.

Contestants must attempt to sing pop music karaoke the best they can while sticking their precious limbs into darkened boxes full of snakes, snails, and other terribly gross, freaky, and slimy creatures that most would never dare get near and pull it out.

Of course, some of the objects are completely harmless, like a stuff teddy bear.

Emily tried to game out, singing Before He Cheats, and proved just how fun the new game show can be. For the viewers at least. Already, the new video has over 2.9 million views.

Happy turkey day fvckers! Night nite!


  1. ToodySaysHey says

    "Right now….he probly….ZOMGWTFAJNEAMVEMA FV *SCREAMS*"


    Humanity aint shyt lolol.

  2. CurlyQ53 says

    As a hardcore karaoke singer I was curious. I've sang through some odd stuff in my day what with some of the dives I've been in and kept my focus. But this shyt right here?! Haul naw.