LNBS: Wanna get in something pink?

You know what they say, it is all the same color on the inside! …of the house and the vajay? Wow…

But Folk ain’t even goinna lie, a few hits of liquid courage on a lonely night? Folk would explore. Question is, would you?

Since Folk on da west coast, Folk need to add ol’girl to the tourist visit list so we can see what’s inside! Night night…


  1. Bubblewrappe says

    Wait Folk your on the west coast??? Has there ever been an LA meetup?????? I wanna meet my fellow Nawhlians!!!!!!!!!

  2. YoAdrean says

    I like how she says she had to travel to world to buy some of her pink crap and immediately mentions that she had to travel to Texas to buy those ugly pink boots. Texas is really exotic and worldly.