SSC: Tis the season to make it rain on the tits of Financial Over Extension

And so it began this past “Black” Friday. The holiday where Americans bow at the feet of the true American god! A holiday baked in the oven of lies and deceit. Served on the plate of illusionary exceptionalism.

The time of year where we give into our lusts and participate in the orgy of Consumerism. Making it rain on the tits of Financial Over Extension. Giving no thought of the common STDs of APR (Annual Percentage Rate), VIR (Variable Interest Rate), or OLF (Over the Limit Fees).

We perpetuate the idea that Pilgrams invited Native Americans to share in their blessings and food. To extend a hand of cooperation and friendship. A moment to give “Thanks” for the blessings that had bestowed upon the “New” inhabitants of the land. When in fact if it wasn’t for the Native Americans, these “New” inhabitants would most likely would have perished.

But it is a holiday that was born in the craddle of blessings and bounty. At least that’s how it began.

And true, there are many that still hold true the values and simplicity of the holiday, but then there is this…

This episode is one of thousands that played out at a Walmart. An example of what fuels and drives many Americans. The festering materialistic boil which disgusts those who dislike the liberty which “Westernism” brings.

And what does these Western ideologies and freedom of consumerism bring to the table of humanity? A decaying turkey covered in the gravy of shameful self deceit, with a sides of marginalized poor, media demorialized minorities, and gender superiority complex.

We collectively dominate the humanity field of mental gymnastics, exhibiting inhuman feats of overindulgent psychological gluttony. Where for the remainder of the year we live in the fear of our shadows but we are encouraged to temporarily forget about growing poverty, unemployment, homelessness, trillions of dollars of debt, imperial wars that kills thousands of Americans and causes suffering for millions of innocents in foreign lands.

For a few weeks all is well and there is nothing behind the green curtain and that burning sensation you feel will pass, just take this pill of self-indulgence with a ”in the name of happiness” chaser.

It is because of this, that the season makes Folk sad. Sad because we ask such deep and socially conscience questions throughout the year but when our true soul is revealed we rebel in our own delusional self-promotion.

Besides, we are America, a model for the world to emulate. To follow. Plus America is #1! Right?!?

By the way, Happy Holidays… Eat up, your food is getting cold.


  1. CurlyQ53 says

    They better be damn glad I don't work security in a Wal-Mart with people acting fools like that. I'd wend my way into the middle of the crowd and let off a few rounds in the ceiling. People acting like damn animals. It ain't never been that damn serious.

    • says

      "It ain't never been that damn serious."


      I tried watching that first vid and got almost physically ill. Didn't make it to the 1 min mark. Skipped the 2nd one.

      Great post, Folk. Right on point as always.

  2. SWFLTransplant says

    This is why I did my shopping online. And got all my stuff cheaper than the BF prices. Priorities people. Learn how/when to shop and you will avoid this mess.