Elevator Ghost prank is seriously the funniest thing i’ve seen in awhile.

There is one thing that I always find funny no matter what the context is or the consequences which may arise from it and that is Scare pranks. Scare pranks are the meanest most underhanded, most shitty ass shitty prank you can do to another muphuquer other that that tried and true age old joke: ” It’s your baby.” or ” I’m going out for milk …at 2am”.

But this ish here, takes it to a whole new level.

Peep what happens when those crazy brazillians get to causing horror-movie style shenanigans in an elevator.


You know how they always have that disclaimer at the end of every movie which talks about how there were no animals harmed in the creation of this production? Bytch… if this happened to me, the list of sentient creatures who ended up with all of their ass kicked, would look like the gatdamn vietnam memorial up in this bytch. PLEASE believe that YOU would be harmed, the bytches who wrote the prank, the bytches who programmed the elevator, the bytches who signed OFF on this, the bytches who catered the food, 3 puppies, 2 goldfish and some random bytch named Manuel.

I don’t give a damn!!!

But yo.. was it just me or when the big blonde chick with the huge boobs n azz came on, did anyone else stop laughing in order to go daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!

yeah Manuela Mammaries could get the business. Juudddddge me.  This is south America, so not she had all types of azz-booty also.  And she is a big-azz girl so you know she knows how to make something good to eat in a tortilla with a churro on the side. Yeah that was racist, shut up.

All I know is that there would have been chalk outlines all over the place, effing around with me like this.

Some bull.

But… because it WASN’T me….. it’s hilarious.


[Source- Gawker]

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  1. says

    Couldnt have been a black person. Just saying. They would have swung on that girl/woman. Prank would have taken a turn for the worst. She would have gotten beat the hale down.

    If I had of filmed it, there would have been fine azz Brazilian woman with big tiddays jumping up and down in slow motion whilst the tidday bounce.



  2. ThatdamnPaul says

    The only thing that would have freaked me out more is if instead of screaming, the little girl kept asking 'Are you my mommy?' in a really soft voice like the masked kid from those Dr. Who episodes.

  3. kajani914 says

    As soon as I saw the big tidday blonde chick I thought…"I bet he stopped being scared for like, 15 seconds…" But fo'real, this is even funnier knowing how superstitious brazilians are…lmao

  4. Divalalake1 says

    Please, my step mother would have reached in her purse, pulled out annointing oil, started flinging out like holy water, while praying and screaming the power of Christ compells you!!!

  5. Chitown Sista says

    Actually let me be real, I dont know how I would act but it would either be violently or I would be too in shock..I would probably faint from shock. Then when i woke up, I would murder death kill.

  6. justme81 says

    Look here, there are two things I don't play with in this world: spiders and ghosts. Now I know that's Brazil, so that little girl was probably Brazilian…BUT, she could pass for white. And y'all know dead white girls and colored folks don't mix…oh cause she'd be dead, everyone involved in this mess would be dead, f*ck that son, I'll shank a child ghost…then I'd probably spend the next few minutes looking for a change of pants and practicing my insanity plea.

    Am I the only one that was mad that little old lady at 4:50 didn't throw her shoe at that kid? What? Don't look at me like that, abuelitas are like ninjas with a chankla…mess around and get your life changed.

    • says

      the funniest shyt was the first old lady who was straight trying to pretend see didn't see that shyt….. She was like: If i don't look at it, it can't fugg wth me…… nope.. i don't see shyt……

    • Leftyzphone says

      I used to work with a Brasilian girl and party w/ her and her friends. All of them were 'white' since their families emmigrated from European countries. Just like Gisele Bunchen is Brasilian yet her family is from Germany. My friend said there are all types of people who live there, white, black, native, mestizo, etc, so perhaps the term latino should be more about the continent as a cultural whole than about genetic makeup of individuual countries' population. Brasilians call each other Brasilian just like we consider ourselves Americans.

  7. DeeBeeR says

    Oh. Hell. No.

    would have been nothing but HULK SMASH HULK SMASH. Little heifer with the scream would have been beated down unto the death….

  8. KimLurksAlot says

    In the words of Christopher Wallace…there's gonna be some slow singing and flower bringing…

    • says

      What gets me is bytches are acting like the lights going off in an elevator isn;t horrifying enough!!! then a bytch wants to add the element of Boo n*gga Boo!!!???? :: fighting the air ::

  9. Damelo Suave says

    The only saving grace is she's a little girl, so I probably wouldn't swing. However, if she gets too close on that first appearance, I won't be held liable…

    And why can I hear Bef saying "we not gonna have too much more screaming 'round here…"?

  10. Giazzysmile says

    Can we say wrongful death lawsuit?…'Cause I would've died of cardiac arrest and my mama would've sued the hell out of them…

  11. Bunny says

    NOPE…woulda been a child abuse case on the spot.
    Somebody's parents are wrong for putting their child in harms way.
    Baby girl woulda been missing teeth, hair and covered in pee.
    I do not do scary shit…I dont watch it, read it, hear it, talk about. No sirrah.
    This all would of ended in stretchers and handcuff.

  12. pavlovscat says

    LOL!!! yeah that little girl would unfortunately have moved prematurely and painfully into the next life had there been black folk up in that elevator.

    I think the only things you need for a good scare-prank are a pitch black room with a door that locks, speakers, and the X-Files theme song.

    • says

      letting you know now. We ever find ourselves in a locked elevator and the lights go off and spooky music come on, someone is getting humped on. I aint proud of myself for thinking it but hey…. it is what it is.

      An opportunity is an opportunity.

      and if the lights were off and no one saw shyt, I've got full deniability when the divorce lawyers come looking for me