NOT the smartest way to kill a spider…but surely one of the funniest

Before you judge this guy, bytches, just ask yourself:” Haven’t I gone too far in my quest to kill a big before?
Bytch, you know you have so stop acting all holier than thou. Ol fake ass faker. You might not have gone THIS far… but still.

Just…. just wait for his face at the end… and his cry for help. I…..was in …tears….

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  1. says


    WTF, did the spider owe him money and he decided to tune him up with brass knuckles?

    I would have gotten a loooooooong handle broom and swept his 6 legged azz into eternity!

  2. says

    And people laugh at me because I have at least like 4 cans of raid in my house and spray my windows and doors every few weeks. FAY

  3. tiabella25 says

    Me and the pest control guy at my old apartment (Florida) were on a 1st name basis cause I would have him out there on the REGULAR. My black a$$ didn't know what the fugg a roach looked like until I moved to janky a$$ FLORIDA where they call them sum bytches palmetto bugs. GTFOHWTBS! Those is huge flyin a$$ roaches!!