SSC: 11,356

Imagine with Folk for one minute if the flu was to randomly take the lives of 11,356 Americans this flu season? Think what would happen. Think of the outcry. The demand that the CDC do something! To save us from this horrible horrible outbreak!

Imagine with Folk for one minute that this flu was reoccurring. Striking back year after year for over a decade.

There would be an outright war against this outbreak! The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on marriage would all magically “disappear” as a result of this because this new threat would need to be contained, addressed, and neutralized immediately!

Yet this is no fable. There is a real war within America breading and festering like an untended blister on a person’s genitalia in the Sonora desert.

Facts and truth surround this atrocious war is kept from “mainstream” Americans. Glossed over. Used as propaganda to twist reality and “scare” the “core” American demographic, further dividing the masses and caging the spirit of the American spirit.

This unofficial yet very real disease or “war” has taken the lives of 11,356 American individuals. Individuals who lost their opportunity to contribute. Many more over the years have even lost their morale to try. Battle scars that have emotionally wounded generations. A psychological disorder has metastasized into a debilitating disease leaving a permanent scar upon its victims.

This war takes place on the streets of America and there are numbers to prove it. Numbers never lie. Yet the numbers apparently mean nothing to our society. …and that’s what’s amazing. What’s amazing is that even with these losses that have been documented, there is no “war” against this destructive cancer upon the soul of America. There is no collective outrage of this monster that openly lurks the public streets of our society.

And still lives are being lost. Daily. At numbers that no official declared or undeclared war on any other country has taken. Numbers that has paralyzed the minds of children throughout our society.

As for the flu scenario, we don’t have to imagine at all. In 2009 nearly 10,000 deaths occurred in the United States as a result of the H1N1 flu virus. Today there was a news headline about the current flu outbreak that has a grip on America this season. You should get vaccinated and you should “do” something to prevent the spread of the disease.

11,356 is the number of minorities (mostly blacks) who lost their lives on the streets of America in the year of 2010 alone.

What’s sad is that isn’t the total number of homicides recorded. Yet this is the average murder burn that has been deemed acceptable in our society. A number that strikes fear into the hearts of many near and abroad. A number that imprisons thousands within their homes daily. A number that kills the dreams of millions before they have an opportunity to really dream.

But to many 11,356 is just another number that has no meaning. No impact. No concern. And we wonder why the youth of the inner city so often give up before they begin. Maybe because they intimately know the effects of numbers that others take for granted.

But if Folk can reach just one of the many drowning in the pool of 11,356, you can make it. Many have. Many do. We’re not athletes or entertainers. We don’t “shine” or do “big” things. But we live. We laugh. We cry. We sleep in peace away from the pool filled with the blood of 11,356 and you can make it too. Folk believes in you because you are not just some random number.