I don’t want to sh*t on anyone’s dreams but…this ‘bi-racial girls’ song???

Contrary to popular belief and the facts and examples that would cause someone to believe so, I am not a negative person and I only want to see the best come from people.  I want to see everyone do well, be happy and chase their dreams. I want all of us to realise our full potential. I want all of us to find that goal, find that dream and give it all we’ve got.

But if your dream is to make a whack-ass song, with a whack-ass video, with some whack-ass broads whilst you whack-ass sing in a whack-ass JC Penny sweater than…. maybe.. just maybe… i’m gonna have to clown you.

Dude, I tried to watch this and be positive! I tried my hardest! In the beginning I even laughed out loud at the pure awesomeness of it all because I thought it was a comedy! But then I realised that…that…. dude was so serious about this. I figured out that… this was not a joke. This was a dream trying to be realised. That’s when the horror kicked in.

Son! This whole production looks like some shyt that was done because you were bored and didn’t feel like waiting in line at the chech cashing store and the only chicks you could get for the video were some random broads who missed the bus on their way from dropping their kids off so they could get to Everest college.  Like they were paid in Black n Milds and buss passes.  Every thing aBOUT this shyt screams for a need for greater barriers to entry. Everything aBOUT this screams bootleg.  The sweater, son!! The Sweater!!. The Moobs… the… the evaraythang!!! I.. I can’t find one nice thing to say about this other than the camera was nice!

Oh man, this whole thing looks like it was produced by that  mentally challenged cousin everyone has who lives at your grandma’s house.

Shyt looks like it was made ONLY because you called in sick from Footlocker that day.


This shyt was made in Cleveland, wasn’t it.


Thanks to YaYa for the send.

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