Gun advocates, anti-gun activists, Atheists, Christians and other nonsense associated with the Connecticut shooting….

As of Friday I stopped following all of the tragic news about what has happened in Connecticut regarding this horrible massacre that occurred as well as shed all of the tears I feel I have for those affected.

When the news broke on Friday, many of us were filled with such grief, such hatred, such anger, that so many thoughts and opinions were shared- many in combative tones, as we all attempted to come to grips with what happened, why it happened and what could be done in the future.  Everyone had an opinion… and everyone saw something in this horrible event that could be use to polarize and politicize , finding ways for this to fit our own narratives. One event somehow used to support equally opposing view points.

If you are gun supporter, this event somehow solidified your narrative that everyone should carry a gun at all times in order for something like this to never happen.  You spoke about how this is exactly why citizens should have the right to bear arms to defend themselves from the criminals. But interestingly enough, these massacres aren’t committed by career criminals, but completed by everyday men and women….. who due to mental illness… snapped. So I asked; If everyone should be armed to protect themselves from criminals, what happens when the law abiding everyday joe/jane…snaps? More than likely your answer is that when joe snaps, this is why jane should always be armed, and when jane then snaps, another joe should be ready to put a bullet into her to protect everyone. Until that Joe snaps…and another jane is supposed to but HIM down and be a hero…until SHE snaps… and we rinse and repeat.

…. interesting.

Then there are those who say that this is a prime reason why Americans should not be allowed to carry guns. Well… i’m sorry to say but I don’t ever see that Genie being put back in the bottle. Also…. how are everyday jane and joe supposed to protect themselves….from jane and joe?  (sarcasm … follow the breadcrumbs back to the first point if you are slow.).

Of course… then you have my personal favourite. The Christians who say that this is what happens when you remove God from the schools. Well.. my good friend; D’Mario, a Christian.. said it best:

This tragedy has nothing to do with religion or lack of it, so BOTH Atheists & Christians can SHUT THE FUCK UP and go call your Congressman.

Every time a tragedy happens Christians bitch and say stupid shit, and you Atheists do the EXACT same thing, both pointing fingers, and I’m fucking sick of it. CHILDREN DIED, fucking GRIEVE like a god damned HUMAN BEING, then get ANGRY, AND DO SOMETHING LEGAL ABOUT IT. 

And If you think “God not being allowed in schools” as an excuse for this tragedy, you need to SHUT THE ENTIRE FUCK UP. Stop acting like just because prayer isn’t allowed in school that God is now banned from them like a magic force-field. That’s fucking STUPID. 


Yall have no idea how IGNORANT you sound of the very faith you claim to follow. 
i am PISSED and RIGHTLY SO. Those were BABIES…and you want to point fingers. so don’t fuck with me right now, it is “Unfriend You Friday” and my finger is itching.

What I don’t get about these people is…what are they saying exactly? Because removing prayer from School, you somehow black God’s grace and protection from it’s halls? But I thought God was all powerful? How could you keep him/her out of the school? That makes no sense.  Or… or… or… are they saying that because prayer is not allowed in school that Their God is so small and petty and human that he/she would not protect the most defenseless of ‘his children’ and instead vindictively ‘allow the children to be murdered’ to prove a point? WHAT are they saying exactly?
Oh i forgot. None of us with working brain-cells could really give a frothy f*ck what these types of Christians have to say. They are fools and the worst kind of people. Licking smegma would be more desirable than having a discussion a conversation with them.  They are the dregs that bring down the good name of  what some refer to as the real followers of Christ.
Only thing just as bad would be the athiests whom i’ve seen taunt the religious types with such nonsense as : ” Hey Christians.. where was your God, huh??”
Horrible tragedies bring out the best in us… and the worst it seems.
But those are simply my opinions…… what say you?
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