White people show us just how ridiculous, ridiculous rap sounds.

First of all I really dig those kids in Jackson Foote; Jackson, Neville, Alex, Eden an Eden’s boobs).  I have been cracking up at them ever since we were graced and horrified with their version of lil Jon’s; Get Low.

But them somehow I fell off following them and last year they released their version of Rack City and…. well….. for some people all they need to excuse a truly shitty song is the fact that is had a bump-azz bass-line and mufuggaz delivering the lyrics in broken english in order for it so sound legit. Well Jackson Foote shows us just what happens when you replace the bump with sensible piano riffs and the Broken English is replaced by proper enunciation so that you can actually hear the words being said as they are.  The result?? Is that now everyone which 3 functioning brain cells can see just how RIDICULOUS half these songs sound..

Eden is staaaaacked, but anyway.


Ass-crack songs like Rack-city, and artists like 2chainz and that coon-ass Trinandad James, is why my old azz relies on people who truly know their hip-hop like our fam over at Where’s My 40 acres and the peeps at Black Radio Is Back ( see the ads on the side of the blog), because they not only know their shyt but they end up helping spare me from the coon-tastic braincell destroying boolshyt that gets promoted all over the place.

Also, whilst we are here having this discussion, I need to know what it is about white people and their love for the most raunchiest rap shyt. Like.. what IS it about “Get low” and lil Jon in general that still has white people just in love with him.

Even my secret baby momma Sandra Bullock isn’t immune!!!

ALso… i fuggin love this movie.

Then you’ve got Dan Hening’s cool azz with his cool-azz crooning in the coffee shop sanging that shyt which Hex posted a few weeks ago.

I mean really? White people? explaaaaaaaain to me the fascination with lil Jon. Anyone?

This will never get old….

SO.. what’s it going to take  for whack rap to just… cease???? ANy idea??? DO we need more folks singing the songs with perfectly enunciated words??

I needs to KNOW!

Till then… i’ll continue raising my kids on rock n jazz.

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