SSC: Scrambled embryo and cheese.

A soft drink to aid with the consumption of Folk’s breakfast would be nice. Maybe some chemical,concoction derived from a lab that could be used to dissolve battery acid would suffice?

We’re on the dawn of a new day. A new year. A new era. And yet the majority just continues to aimlessly bicker and self pleasure with 80 grit sandpaper while watching episode #72 of the Andy Giffin show repeatedly.

As Folk sits here among boxes of accumulated material goods wondering where this journey will take us in 2013, it is required to asses why these things that we hold so dear often weigh us down. Preventing true freedom. True flight. True identification of self. It is as if we have allowed these “things” to become the visual ambassador of who we wish others to see us as, or in some cases deceive others as to who we really are.

Folk needs your help. First do you wish to see SSCs continue into 2013?

Second: 2011 Folk used the mic as Folk’s visual calling card, 2012 the hoodie. If you wish for these to continue, do you have a suggestion for the 2013 calling card? Maybe a scorpion…

Lastly: for those of you that do wait for each Sunday to arrive, thank you. Folk appreciates your readership.

Oh and to these fvckers in DC who don’t understand the dicking playing with the fvcking cliff does to our beautiful society and country because daddy has forgotten to change you dippers and you’ve become intoxicated from the smell of your own shyt, Happy year. And may your morning baby embryo with cheese bring you the same uncontrollable vile of excrement that you bring to the hard working people at the bottom and middle that mindlessly continue to slave day in and night just to make it through another day. Another era. A new time. Aimlessly with lil purpose other than to survive and maybe buy a new representative trinket that makes us smile for a moment before we have our morning baby embryo, with cheese and a chemical concoction that dissolves battery acid.


::turns off iPad and goes back to cleaning cave and preparing for this move::