Man punches 6 yr old in the air, across the room and into a wall for calling other child an ‘unacceptable name’

A 6-year-old boy who called another child “an unacceptable name’’ at a day-care center in Mesa was punched in the chest by the mother’s boyfriend, according to a court document.

The attack on the boy was recorded on a videotape at the center, in the 800 block of South Alma School Road, on Friday, according to a court document.

“On the video the child flies approximately four feet in the air and lands directly on his buttocks and slides up to wall,’’ the court document said.

The document said the little boy started crying and also urinated on himself after the attack.

On Monday, police arrested Javier Dwayne Rouse, 33, on suspicion of aggravated assault on a vulnerable child, the document said.

Rouse admitted to police that he punched the boy, but said “he didn’t think he punched the child hard like an adult would be hit,’’ the report said. [source]

There are lots of different types of bytches that might plague your everyday life.

The Punk Bytch
The Stank Bytch
The Punk-azz Bytch
That Ol’ bytch

and a few assorted other variations. But rarely in the history of bytchdom do we get the chance to see the rares specimen known as That Ol’ Punk-azz Stank bytch in it’s natural habitat. Like an episode of national Geographic Bytchmade edition.

Son… there is not nan reason for you to EVER put your hands on another person’s 6 year old child because they called someone a name. a Name, bytch? A Name, son?? Do you smoke tampons or some shyt?? Everything aBOUT this fools says:Bytchmade. Punching 6 yr old kids? Into the air like a gatdamn game of Streetfighter?  He hit that damn child with the damn forward down forward Dragon punch up in that damn daycare! Hit hit that damn child with a finishing move! He hit that damn child like RObeasts punch VOltron. He hit that damn child like this was an episode of Dragon Ball Z . Like a bytch went SuperSayin on the child.

Man you don’t hit your OWN 6 year old like that and if you disagree, you’re just as much a bytch as this fool, but like I said… you do can’t be a grown azz man Hadoken’ing a small azz child that is not your own. Please believe that any REAL man, woman, muppet or Mogwai whose child this man Cartoon punched is sitting at home right now looking up this man’s information and is plotting a Liam Neeson style azz-whooping. A gat-damn revenge thriller even.

Because please believe that if it was MY child that got King Hippo punched all in the tummy by a grown-azz man, dude’s chances of seeing 2014 are little to none I am so sincere. Bytch I hope you didn’t have plans for like…the future.

Looking like a section-8 Carlton banks n shyt.



…if he had punched a teenager though, I’d understand. WHy? Because i hate teenagers.

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