SSC: Beltway Byotches – The other side of the American Glory Hole!

Disclaimer: Folk back on his ol’bullshyt and Folk’s words are Folk’s words and does not represent the feelings, thoughts, or ideologies of anyone around here on the intnet at fvcking all.

Lady Liberty in torn green prom dress with dentures out readied to rim the massive member protruding proudly. Willy wild Unc Sam on the other side of the pissed upon cardboard with arched back, bucket smelling azz nekkid, with John in hand. Stroking his Boehner with utter delight ready to skeet skeet all upon the tattered face of the unsuspecting Liberty.

If you believe for one moment that you, the American public, is not represented by lady liberty in this episode then you my friend have been deceived in believing that you have found your life long love while getting stroked in the glory hole booth.

2013 byotches brings us the continuation of the fvcking of the American public and the fleecing of liberty at the will of corporate overlords, their political court jesters, and the media monks who prophecies of repeated deception yields truth through mental manipulation.

Stages are already being set for the upcoming midnight raping of the middle and poor of America. Like the Klan of old, under the cloak of political correct talking points the recent “win” for ensuring the wealthy pay at least as much as the middle is nothing more than the whispers in the ear of a victim before a baseball bat end is rammed up the rectum.

As you wipe your face clean of diseased congressional jizz, realize that a first since introduced in 1994 the Violence Against Women Act was allowed to expire. Just like the bullshyt of renewing the rights of minorities to vote every so many years, House Congressional leaders decided to let the proverbial dick be rammed in the vagina of every victimized woman on American soil. House Republicans insisted that the bill is too supportive of immigrants, the LGBT community and Native Americans, and chose to let the bill expire rather than approve a slightly expanded proposal.

In other words, women in these new “expanded” category women are not of “equal” status of our traditional women that we have come to know and love. In reality, these white fvcks are possibly protecting their last bastion of leagally colored booty without fear of prosecution. The “updated” bill would bring much needed protection to Native women who currently have little legal avenues to pursue their rapest, who ironically are overwhelmingly white non-tribal off reservation Caucasian males (86% of rapes of Native women are by White Caucasion Males according to an Amnesty International report).

Bend over peeps, the 2013 political fvckin is about to begin!

So for the new year as ol’Unc Sam gets yells “I’m lazy hold my John for me!”, Folk gonna kick new motherfvcking flava in you motherfvcking ears as you get this boot of politically incorrct intellectual stimulation out yo’ azz.

Congrats Note: Many thanks to OHN fam reader and commenter Jecka who provided Folk with this year’s calling card symbol! “Boots to Azzes!”