The Walking Dead video game should come with a box of kleenex and a voucher for therapy.

Since I stopped doing my gaming blog a year ago, I haven’t had much to say on videogames in general. Not because there hasn’t been anything worth talking about  really but more so because there haven’t been enough games out there that have particularly moved me in any real way shape or form.

Until Now.

Before I go into detail about this game, let me start by saying that this, and it is something I don’t say often, but……. The Walking Dead on xbox 360 has been one of THE most intense, gut wrenching, emotional,  and rewarding experiences I’ve had playing a video game in a long while.

Yes emotional.

YES from a video game.  And not to hype it up TOO much( yeah right…i’m gonna.)  or continue the big nerdy civil-war between gamers regarding whether or not the Walking Dead should even be classified as a video game, I am saying flat out that is absolutely deserves it’s wins and considerations  for 2012 Game of The Year. It may not have been my MOST favourite title this year ( that goes to X-com and Mass Effect 3) but as far as doing something different, doing it well and something that EVERYONE can play? It is absolutely one of THE best…….and I will explain to you WHY i feel that way.

I judge a game 80% on whether or not it has a compelling story. I don’t care about whom else is buying a game, how much fanfare surrounds it or XYZ n LMNOP. I judge video games first and foremost on the stories they tell, the writing of the story etc.   It’s probably why I am more so a fan of the roleplaying genre. Shyt like Skyrim, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Zelda, La Noire  etc. I tried to venture off into first person shooters like Call Of Duty and Halo, but those games were mostlyfun to me because of the fact I was playing them online with many of you. But as much fun as I had playing WITH you guys,  I had plenty of fun playing just the single player campaigns by myself because believe it or not, some of those shooters have great story-lines also….shit I’m still effed up from some of the story in Modern Warfare 2,

But The Walking dead? Good lord…. during this game my wife and I found ourselves jumping, screaming in disbelief at what was happening in the story, hiding behind our hands and in some cases… believe it or not… fighting back tears at the sheer hopelessness that some of the characters experienced. AWFUL dramatic situations!! Shyt like a parent having to decide how to handle the fact their child was bitten and infected by a zombie and deciding HOW to mercifully ending it.  Or worse yet, discovering that my decision to have XYZ person go on XYZ task got them devoured ass devoured.

Tears, bytches.. real tears.

How could this happen on a damn video game of all things?  Because The Walking Dead is less of a video game and more of an interactive movie… and interactive story where YOUR choices and the consequences thereof have a direct impact on how the story plays out. This is not a game about fast reflexes and points. No. This is a story  that you watch and participate in. Where you take on the role of Lee Everett. A man who one moment is in the back of a police car heading to prison, and the other….is running for his life outside Atlanta Georgia …a Georgia quite different from the one just a day before. One infected by The Walking Dead. You meet a little girl named; CLem, whom you vow to look after and help her find her parents if you can make it to Savanah Georgia, even though you know that there is a greater chance they are surely not the people little Clem will remember….or even people at all.

The Walking Dead is a game where you have to make decisions which influence an outcome in the story, where your fast decision making decided whether or not Doug or Carley live or die because you can only save one of them.  Where you decide if you will help someone  by putting a bullet into their infected loved one’s head or will you let them do it themselves and further spiral into madness thus possibly endangering your small group of survivors. Will you help perfect strangers to survive? Or Steal from them….causing who knows what consequences to  befall you later.

By the end of this game… I was choked up.  Because I built up a fondness for the characters who had survived within this story with me, even though I KNEW that in the world of The Walking dead, there are seldom happy endings for everyone involved.

And this ending?

Bytch i needed kleenex an a good therapist to make it all better.

I dare you to play this game and not feel some sort of way….

In the end, The Walking Dead is not a game for everyone. But if you are the type of person who loves a great story…a few scares… some drama…and then more great story…. this is the game for you.

EPisode 1 of the Walking Dead is free to download on XBox 360 and Playstation 3 stores and each of the 4 episodes after that are about $4.00  a piece… $16 investment in all.

…..and in my opinion.. well worth it.

Hell, you can even get it for your PC…




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